In a significant move to foster a safe working environment, Midlands State University Human Resources section in conjunction with Gender Institute held a sexual harassment sensitisation training session for the Department of Central Services, Amenities and Maintenance on the 18th of June 2024 at the Gweru Main Campus.

The training session commenced with introductions from MSU Human Resource Officer, Ms. Nyanga, who emphasised the importance of sexual harassment sensitisation training session, highlighting that it provides participants with invaluable opportunity to learn acts of sexual misconduct and ways of preventing them.

“We are here so that we can learn the basics of sexual harassment and have a in turn create a safe working environment,” said Ms. Nyanga.

In her welcome remarks, MSU Gender Institute – Deputy Director, Dr. Matope underscored the importance of sexual harassment sensitisation training session.

“This training session will provide invaluable information to help us recognise inappropriate behaviors, understand reporting mechanisms, and foster a safe, respectful inclusive working environment,” Dr. Matope highlighted.

In her presentation, MSU Gender Institute Research Fellow, Ms. Chanhuwa, shed light on sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, and sexual abuse, outlining how they negatively impact the working space.

Ms. Chanhuwa remarked, “Sexual harassment, sexual exploitation, and sexual abuse are all serious issues that can have a profound negative impact on the working environment.

“It is, therefore, crucial that we understand the differences between these concepts and how they can undermine the integrity and credibility of our institution”.

Speaking during the training, MSU Gender Institute Research Fellow, Mr. T. Mugodzwa, underscored the responsibility of MSU employees in preventing sexual harassment and abuse at work.

“You are obliged to report any concerns regarding sexual exploitation and harassment by fellow MSU employees, as it undermines the credibility and integrity of MSU,” Mr. Mugodzwa emphasised.

He encouraged staff members to utilise the institution’s reporting mechanisms to address any form of sexual harassment.

The event also included a question-and-answer session, which gave attendees the opportunity to discuss issues related to sexual harassment, abuse, and exploitation in-depth.

Giving her vote of thanks, Director – Central Services and Amenities Ms. K. Magadzire thanked MSU Gender Institute and the Human Resource section for conducting the sexual harassment sensitisation workshop.

The training session underscores MSU’s zero tolerance to sexual harassment, abuse and exploitation.

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