Gweru, 28 June, 2024 – Midlands State University Research and Innovation Division held a Meet and Greet Workshop with Research, Innovation and Industry Linkage Officers (RIILO) and representatives from institutes and faculties to boost research and innovation.

In her opening remarks, Research and Innovation Division – Executive Director, Professor Laurine Chikoko, noted that the workshop came at a time when the University was strategically transitioning into a more advanced stage in enhancing research and innovation efforts across the University community.

Professor Chikoko further emphasised that RIILOs and faculty representatives play a critical role in fostering collaboration between faculties, departments, students, and staff, as the University strives to embed a culture of research and innovation both within the institution and throughout the country.

Research Manager, Dr. Winmore Kusena, briefed the delegation on the existing research committees and policies, urging everyone to familiarise themselves with the research and innovation framework.

Dr. Kusena outlined the financial assistance available, including internal and external conference grants and ordinary research funding which is available through the University Research Board and also elaborated on the pre-award, award, and post-award support available for external research and innovation grant applications.

In the context of postgraduate studies through research, Postgraduate Studies Manager, Dr. Umali Saidi examined key elements of PhD and Master of Philosophy programs as avenues for driving innovation and encouraged RIILOs to share the information with staff and students to expand the culture of research and innovation as well as increase sources for prototype harvesting for incubation.

The RIILOs were given a guided tour of the Innovation Hub, with the aim of enhancing their understanding of the ongoing research and development activities taking place.

As a result of the workshop, the University showcased its dedication to enhance research and innovation as well as foster a culture of collaboration.

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