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/Dr Raymond Mugandani
Dr Raymond Mugandani

Position: Lecturer and Chairperson

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  • PhD Crop Science, University of KwaZulu Natal, 2019
  • MSc Agricultural Meteorology, University of Zimbabwe, 2007
  • BSc Soil Science -Land and Water Management, University of Zimbabwe, 1996

 Peer Reviewed Publications

  • Mwadzingeni, L., Mugandani, R., and Mafongoya, P. 2021. Assessing vulnerability from climate change in smallholder irrigation schemes of Zimbabwe. Sustainability MDPI. 13, 10023. 10.3390/su131810023.
  • Mugandani, R., Mwadzingeni, L and Mafongoya, P. Contribution of Conservation Agriculture to Soil Security Sustainability MDPI. 13, 9857.
  • R. Mugandani., C. T. F Murewi, T. Chitata, F. Chipepa, B. T. Mudereri, L. Mwadzingeni and P. L. Mafongoya. 2021. Can the application of Item Response Theory improve the quality of survey items for assessing human fingerprint on climate change? , Transactions of the Royal Society of South Africa. DOI.10.1080/0035919X.2021.1964105.
  • Muziri, Tavagwisa, Chaibva, Paul; Chofamba, Anyway; Madanzi, Tendai; Manjeru, Pepukai; Mudada, Nhamo; Manhokwe, Shephard; Mugari, Amiel; Matsvange, Diego; Murewi, Cyril Tapiwa Farai; Mwadzingeni, Liboster; Mugandani, Raymond. 2021. Using principal component analysis to explore consumers’ perception towards quinoa health and nutritional claims in Gweru, Zimbabwe. Journal of Food Science and Nutrition, (9) 1025–1033.
  • Batanai Sammie, Elvis Mupfiga, Liboster Mwadzingeni, Tavengwa Chitata and Raymond Mugandani. (2021). A gendered lens to self-evaluated and actual climate change knowledge Journal of Environmental Studies and Science, 11 (1) 65-75
  • Mugandani, R and Mafongoya, P. (2021).The 5As: Assessing Access to Animal-drawn Conservation Agriculture planting equipment by smallholder farmers. Environment, Development and Sustainability, 24(3), 4881-4898.
  • Liboster Mwadzingeni, Raymond Mugandani, Paramu Mafongoya. (2020). Factors affecting the Performance of Tshiombo Irrigation Scheme in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Journal of Agribusiness and Rural Development, 3(57) 269–277.
  • Liboster Mwadzingeni, Raymond Mugandani, Paramu Mafongoya. (2020) Localized Institutional actors and Smallholder Irrigation Scheme Performance in Limpopo Province of South Africa. Agriculture, 10 (418), 1-17.
  • Mugandani, R and Mafongoya, P. (2019). Behaviour of smallholder farmers towards adoption of conservation agriculture in Zimbabwe. Soil Use and Management, 00, 1-15.
  • Manatsa, D., Morioka, Y., Behera, S.K., Mushore, D.T and Mugandani, R (2015) Linking the Southern Annual Mode to the Diurnal Temperature Range Shifts over Southern Africa International Journal of Climatology. International Journal of Climate, 35, (14), 4220-4236
  • Zirebwa, F.S., Sammie, B., Kapenzi, A and Mugandani, R (2014). An evaluation of the performance and subsequent calibration of two reference evapotranspiration estimation models for Gweru, Zimbabwe. Academia Journal of Agricultural Research, 2 (7): 167-174.
  • Mugandani, R., Munodawafa. A., Zhou.N.M (2013) Promoting Carbon Sequestration through Participatory land Use Planning by Resource Poor Farmers. A Case Study in Arid Communal Areas of Zimbabwe. Ossrea Bulletin, Vol X, (1), 43 – 53
  • Mugandani, R., Wuta, M., Makarau, A.., Chipindu, B. (2012 Re-classification of agro-ecological regions of Zimbabwe in conformity with climate variability and change. African Crop Science Journal, 20 (2), 361 – 369.

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