Staff Profiles: Politics and Public Management

Ms Florence Mutasa

Chairperson : Politics and Public Management

Research Interests

  • Local Governance
  • Public policy
  • E-government
  • Elections

Professor Percyslage Chigora

Associate Professor

Research Interest Foreign Policy, Elections and Electoral Systems, Land Reform, University Administration, Regional Integration, African Politics and Politics in Zimbabwe

Dr. Maxwell Haurovi


Research Interests:

  • Public Administration and Public Sector Management
  • Social welfare, social assistance and social protection
  • Good governance and public accountability
  • Public Service Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Politics-administrative relations
  • Local Economic Development
  • Ethics and Professionalism
  • Municipal Administration
  • Community development
  • Developmental state
  • Social security law

Dr Mandiedza Parichi

Full Time Lecturer

Research Interests • peace • media, • media and politics, • newsroom practices, • media and gender Film and gender, • theatre and gender, • Theatre for development, • theatre for education, • Media and HIV/AIDS, • Theatre and HIV, • Media and conflict.

Dr Dorothy Goredema

Lecturer, Department of History

Research Interests    

Mr Torque Mude


Research Interests -International Politics -International Law -Peace and Security

Mr Simbarashe Moyo


Research Interests

  • Zimbabwean Politics and Governance
  • International Relations
  • Elections

Mrs J T Mudzamiri


Research Interests:

  • Elections
  • Democratisation and Constitutionalism
  • Political Parties
  • Gender and Human Rights
  • Political Ideologies and Conflict
  • Political Theory

Mr A Chilunjika  


Research Interests:

  • Public Management
  • Public Policy Formulation and Analysis
  • Public Finance
  • Public Sector Corporate Governance
  • Local Governance
  • Tolling Systems
  • Conflict Transformation

Mr Arthur Fidelis Chikerema

Lecturer, Department of Politics and Public Management

Research Interests: Conflict Management and Resolution, Peace Building and Reconciliation, Local Governance, Democracy and Human Rights

Miss Adele Mcilo

Teaching Assistant

Research Interests

  • Democracy and Human Rights
  • Public Law
  • Youth and Community Development
  • Women and Politics
  • Political Communication
  • Corporate Governance