Dr Prestige Tatenda Makanga

Chairperson and Senior Lecturer

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Programmes offered within the department

Undergraduate Degree

  • Bsc.honours In Surveying And Geomatics


After completion of the degree programme, the student should have gained skills to:

Develop and utilize Geographic information systems for analysis of earth resources data

Integrate digital data from diverse sources, including Remote Sensing, Photogrammetry and Land Surveying, as well as demographic and statistical information.

Utilize a range of computer hardware and software systems for analysis and modelling of complex spatial data

Plan and participate in major surveying, land management, map production and environmental management projects involving multidisciplinary teams of professionals

Design and build Geographic databases and spatial analysis software as part of the process of commercial systems implementation.

Accurately measure and collect information concerning the earths surface and its features, using satellite and terrestrial methods

Locate precisely engineering structures (e.g. buildings, roads, dams, mines etc.) using modern survey and satellite positioning techniques

Plan and design the subdivision of land for industrial and housing development

Produce standard map products from diverse data, including remote sensing, photogrammetry and land surveying

Utilize a range of computer aided drafting (CAD) systems for production of complex map and graphic displays.




The department offers a B.Sc (Hons) in Surveying Degree which consists of four levels. In Levels I and II all students follow a common mathematics curriculum. Level III is reserved for student Work-Related Learning in industry and commerce. In Level IV students study the core modules and have a wide variety of electives to choose from, which however will be governed by the availability of staff.


Normal Entry

Prospective students must comply with General Regulations for Undergraduate Degrees at the Midlands State University. Entry requirements for acceptance are good Advanced Level passes in Mathematics and Physics or acceptable equivalents.

Candidates with good A-level mathematics and O-level Physics will be considered if, in addition, they have passed either Geography or Computing Science at A-level.


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