Department of Media and Society Studies

Professor Nhamo Anthony Mhiripiri

Chairperson And Associate Professor


The general aims of the programme are to provide students with: Training in theories of communication and the media, the production, distribution and reception of media products in concrete communities, national/social and international contexts with respect to basic appropriate research methodologies. Appropriate social, cultural, political and economic theories that take cognisance of the concepts of democracy, development and social change and the role of new information technologies in enabling the creation of democratic and equitable societies.A critical and informed understanding of communication and media systems at national, regional and international levels.The ability to conduct research informed by clearly articulated communication and media theories that promote people-centered development at community, national and international levels while respecting the cultural integrity of peoples as well as their basic inalienable human rights.The ability to learn communication and media skills within existing media organisations and to judge and assess their theoretical and research skills in concrete industrial environments.That enable them to realize that communication and media are multidisciplinary fields whose operations are empowered by a diversity of social realities.


MSS graduates have career opportunities in a wide array of industries which include the following:

Mainstream and alternative [community] print and broadcasting media organisations e.g. Zimbabwe Newspapers, Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation, New Ziana, Joy TV, Moto, Parade, The Club – Edgars,

  • Social research organisations
  • Advertising agencies
  • Media department in the Presidents Office Parliament of Zimbabwe
  • Non-Governmental Organisations
  • Public relations/customer care departments in both private and public organisations
  • Cyber publishing organisations
  • Starting own media-related enterprises
  • Media consultancy

Department Research

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Department of Media & Society Studies

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