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The mission of the Department of Politics and Public Management is to pursue the highest, consummate standards of academic excellence and professionalism tailored to address the human developmental needs of the populace in the public, private, non-governmental and international sectors through scientifically entrenched learning, teaching, training and research.


The Department of Politics and Public Management offers flexibly packaged undergraduate and post graduate programmes that promote critical thinking and independent judgement.  The programmes are Bachelor of Science Honours in Politics and Public Management, Bachelor of Science Honours in Peace Studies and Master of Science in International Affairs.

The Department seeks to develop students who are relevant to the career demands and challenges of governmental bodies either locally, regionally and internationally, through teaching and research.   Emphasis will be on the New Public Management approach that is shifting emphasis from Traditional Public Administration to New Public Management. New Public Management is driven by a combination of economic, social, political and technological factors. Emphasis will also be on illumination of issues surrounding peace, conflict, conflict resolution, conflict transformation, reconciliation and unity.  It intends to equip students with both theoretical and practical skills that are relevant to International institutions as well as government departments.


The programmes allow students to gain critical understanding of problems challenges and dilemmas in contemporary public management.  It gives them an insight to deal with contemporary political issues and how to provide home-grown solutions to challenges encountered in areas including peace, conflict and reconciliation.

The degree seeks to fill the existing gaps in the training and development of career public servants/employees, who are relevant to the demands of the governmental and quasi-governmental bodies, for example, central government, local government, NGOs and International Organisations.   

The Graduates from the Department have career opportunities in a wide array of institutions and organisations which include the following: –

  • Governmental Organisations
  • Non-governmental organisations
  • Academia
  • Foreign relations

The graduates can work in these organisations as:-

  • Public Administrators
  • Project Managers
  • Diplomats
  • Community Development Officers
  • Political Consultants
  • Peace Practitioners
  • Researchers


Department of Politics and Public Management

Midlands State University

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Tel:- +263 254 22605568 / 2260596 / 2260404


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