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A call for DPhil fellowship applications

Beneficiation and Commercialisation of Indigenous Fruits and Herbs of Zimbabwe Programme – Midlands State University

Midlands State University invites applications for 5 DPhil positions within the framework of a research project ‘Beneficiation and commercialisation of indigenous fruits and herbs of Zimbabwe.’ The project is funded by the Government of Zimbabwe through the Ministry of Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development and responds to the Midlands State University strategic plan 2019 – 2025 and the Government of Zimbabwe’s heritage-based Education 5.0 philosophy. 

 The purpose of the project is to develop nutritional and pharmaceutical products from indigenous fruit and herb species in Zimbabwe. Industrial exploitation of indigenous fruit and herb species may serve as a conduit to bring scientifically verifiable indigenous knowledge systems into the mainstream economy through the development of novel foods and drugs. A multidisciplinary approach will be followed, with the projects focusing on:

Faculty of Natural Resources Management and Agriculture: 

2 DPhil positions relating to the use and application of Biotechnology in the Propagation and molecular breeding of indigenous herbs and plants.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities: 
1 DPhil position relating to the diverse indigenous knowledge systems, ethnographic studies, media and society studies in Zimbabwe, with a focus on the traditional use and application of indigenous herbs and fruits.

Faculty of Science and Technology:

Department of Applied Biosciences and Biotechnology – 1 PhD position in Ethnobotany – relating to taxonomy, phylogeography, biodiversity, conservation and plant tissue culture of indigenous herbs and fruits.

Department of Chemical Technology – 1 DPhil position in Medicinal/Natural product chemistry – relating to extraction, isolation and characterization of compounds of medicinal interest in indigenous herbs and fruits and evaluation of their biological activity.

 General information and application procedure

 For the DPhil positions, a good Masters or an MPhil degree in a relevant field is required. Additionally, a track record of research in the relevant field is an added advantage. DPhil has a duration of 3 years full time. The positions are fully funded for the duration of the registration period. Applicants are expected to: 1) submit a cover letter (maximum 1 page, Times New Roman font size 12) outlining your motivation and suitability for the project 2) a CV (maximum 4 pages) including the names and contact details of at least two referees 3) certified copies of academic certificates and transcripts. All applications should be submitted to:

The Executive Dean

Research and Postgraduate Studies

Midlands State University

Private Bag 9055, Senga Road, Senga, Gweru

Phone: +263 254 2260568/2260596/2260404

Email: researchandpostgrad@staff.msu.ac.zw

The closing date for receipt of applications is 09 December 2019