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Nyasha Chipunza



  • 2014-2015: Midlands State University: Postgraduate Diploma in Tertiary Education [PDTE]
  • 2009-2011: University of Zimbabwe: Masters in Agriculture and Applied Economics [MAAE]
  • 2002-2005: University of Zimbabwe: B.Sc. Honors Degree in Agriculture [Agricultural Economics]

Research Interests :

  • Agricultural policy
  • Markets and Price Analysis
  • Production economics
  • Macroeconomics
  • International Trade


1. An Econometric Approach to Ascertain Sorghum Supply Response in Zimbabwe. Author(S): Munyati Vincent Tinashe, Mugabe Douglas, Chipunza Nyasha,Mafuse Never, Chagwiza Godfrey& Musara Joseph. African Journal of Agricultural Research;Vol. 8(47), pp. 6034-6038, 5 December, 2013
2. Estimation of Optimal Land Use Allocation among Small Holder (A1) Farmer Households in Zimbabwe. A Case Study of Long Croft Farm, In Mazowe District.Author(S): Mugabe Douglas, Chipunza Nyasha, Munyati Vincent Tinashe, Mupaso Norman &MakarudzeFungai. Journal of Agricultural Science; Vol. 6, No. 2; 2014
3. Characterisation of Smallholder Schemes in Chirumanzi District, Zimbabwe. Author(S): Mupaso Norman, Nyamutowa Charles, Mugabe Douglas, Chipunza Nyasha, &Masunda Stein. Journal of Agricultural Science; Vol. 6, No. 2; 2014

Work in progress:

1. Competiveness of the wheat sector of Zimbabwe. Using Policy Analysis Matrix (PAM) Approach. Author(S): Chipunza Nyasha, Mugabe Douglas,Munyati Vincent Tinashe, Mupaso Norman &MakarudzeFungai.
2. An analysis of the socioeconomic factors affecting wheat production in NyabiraZvimba District, Zimbabwe. Authors (S): Chipunza Nyasha&Mupaso Norman. Study received a grant of USD1934 from Midlands State University.
3. Resource Use Efficiency of A1 maize farmers in Zimbabwe: A case of Mazowe South District. Authors (S): Mugabe Douglas,Chipunza Nyasha&Mupaso Norman. Study received a grant of USD2534 from Midlands State University.
4. An Evaluation of the Economic Performance of Communal Irrigation in Zimbabwe.Authors (S): Mupaso Norman,Chipunza Nyasha&Mugabe Douglas. Study received a grant of USD5047.20 from Midlands State University.

Key Community Engagement Activities:

•Held a seminar in Silobela on how to form and run a company as a way of correcting the failures which are associated with cooperatives.

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