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/Dr Canisius Mwandayi
Dr Canisius Mwandayi

Position: Chairperson

Department: Religious Studies


  • Dip. in Philosophy (Regional Seminary, Harare);
  • BA Hons (UZ);
  • MA (UZ);
  • Phd  (Germany); PDTE (MSU).

Research Interests

  • Death and After-life,
  • the living world of the Old Testament,
  • Bible related  cultural encounters


  •  “A Theological Reflection on the Reality of HIV/AIDS in the Southern Quadrant of Africa: a pastoral response.” in: Maria Elisabeth Aigner & Johann Pock (Hg), Geschlecht quer gedacht: Widerstand-spotenziale und Gestaltungs-möglichkeiten in kirchlicher Praxis, Münster: LIT Verlag, 2009.
  •  “The Comings and the Goings in the Catholic Priestly Formation with Special focus on Zimbabwe: An Insider’s Perspective” in Rainer Bucher Johann Pock (Hg) Klerus und Pastoral, Wien: LIT Verlag, 2010.
  •  Disenfranchisement and blessedness: A reading of the Hagar and Ishmael story in the context of the Shona and Muslim communities of Zimbabwe –A liberation approach, BOTSA Electronic Forum, Cf. holter@mhs.no, 2011.
  • “Towards a new reading of the Bible in Africa – spy exegesis” in Joachim Kügler & R. Gunda (eds) TheBible and Politics in Africa, 7, Bamberg: University of Bamberg Press 2012.
  • ‘The rise of African Christian consciousness: exploring the trajectories in the Africanisation of the Catholic Church in Zimbabwe (1934 – 1982)’ inThe Dyke, Vol.7, No.3, 2013.
  •  ‘Traversing the thin line between ‘chibhoyi’ and miracle working: a case study of miracle working in the Impact for Christ Ministries in Gweru’ in Kügler & Gunda (ed), Prophets, Profits and the Bible in Zimbabwe, University of Bamberg Press, 2014.
  • ‘The Role of Burial Markers in the Socio-Religious Life of a People – Shona and Israelite Societies in focus’ in Danoye L. (ed), Death and Life after Death in Africa Philosophy and Religions, 2014.
  • ‘Leviticus 19:33-34 –the forgotten injunction. A case study of ‘alien’ students in Senga and Nehosho suburbs of Gweru, Zimbabwe’ in Togarasei et al (ed), Bible and Children, University Bamberg Press, 2014.
  • Mwandayi C and E. Vengeyi, ‘Dress as a Mark of Differentiation: The Religious Symbolism of Dress in African Initiated Churches,’ in Togarasei and Chitando, Multiplying in the Spirit: African Initiated Churches in Post-colonial Zimbabwe, 2014
  • “Eye for an eye, and tooth for tooth” – in search for lasting peace in Southern Africa, in Repositioning the Humanities: Journal of Contemporary Research, Faculty of Arts, MSU, 2014.
  • “Sex in African and Israelite Marriage System – Leviticus 18:16 in Context,” Danoye L. (ed), Sex and Sexuality in Africa and African Diaspora: a social and ethical engagement, Harare: Africa Institute for Culture, Peace, Dialogue and Tolerance Studies, 2013
  • ‘Masturbation’ – sexual perversion or an act of sexual freedom? An analysis of the act in relation to the Onan case (Gen.38:1-10),’ in Chitando E., Njoroge N., and Klagba C., Abundant Life: Churches Addressing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights in Africa, 2015
  • Mwandayi, C. Judaic Traits in Funerary Customs of the Shona of Zimbabwe: A Comparative Case Study, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller GmbH & Co. KG, Saarbrücken: 2011
  • Mwandayi, C. The Queen Mother Jezebel: A Rebuttal of the Deuteronomistic Bias, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller GmbH & Co. KG, Saarbrücken: 2011.
  •  Mwandayi, C. Death and After-life in the eyes of the Shona. Dialogue with Shona customs with the quest for authentic inculturation, Bamberg Press, Bamberg: 2011

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