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/Dr Emely Muguwe
Dr Emely Muguwe

Position: Chairperson and Senior Lecturer

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  • Certificate in education and a special study of the education of children in the Infant School.
  • Bachelor of Education Degree in Early Childhood
  • Master of Education Degree in Educational Psychology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Education

Research Interests:

  • Early childhood:
  • Educational Psychology:


  • Muguwe E :  Emergent and early literacy and implications for early learning teacher continuing professional development: a
    case study of Gweru urban pre-school. THE DYKE.A Journal of the Midlands State University 2013 Volume 7(3), 120-138.
  • Muguwe E :Caregivers’ perceptions of attachment behaviours exhibited by institutionalised children: the Zimbabwean experience. Educational Research. International Research Journals.2012. Volume 13(8)669-676
  • Muguwe E :Effectiveness of HIV/AIDS School Based Programme Delivery on Behaviour change for Sustainable Development among Zimbabwean ‘O’level secondary school students. Canadian Center of Science and Education. Asian Social Science Journal, 2012 Volume 8(13) 1911-2025.
  • Muguwe.E; F.C Taruvinga; Manyumwa E & Shoko N :Re-integration of Institutionalised children into society: A case study of Zimbabwe. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa. 2011. Volume 13 (8) 142-149.
  • Muguwe & Pesanayi. Gwirayi : The effectiveness of mechanisms and guidelines for the implementation of the AIDS Action Programme in Zimbabwean Secondary Schools.
  • Shoko.N;Manyumwa.E;Mugwe.E&Taruvinga.F.C : Teacher Incentives: A Death Knell for Education in Zimbabwe? THE DYKE.A Journal of the Midlands State University. Volume 5(1), 162-173.
  • Muguwe .E &Prof.T.D. Mushoriwa : Perceived Continuing Professional Development Needs of Teachers in Regular Primary Schools to Ensure the Effective Teaching of Learners with Special Education Needs in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Education Sciences (IJES)
  • Muguwe. E&Prof.T.D Mushoriwa : An analysis of continuing professional development provisions which are available in the mainstream to ensure the effective teaching of learners with special education needs in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Education Sciences (IJES)


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