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/Prof Ezron Mangwaya
Prof Ezron Mangwaya

Position: Deputy Dean and Associate Professor

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  • PhD (NMMU),SA
  • MPhil (UPE)
  • Grad CE (UZ)
  • BA (UZ)
  • CE (Morgenster)

Research Interest:

  • Curriculum implementation
  • Curriculum policy
  • Curriculum planning and development
  •  Early childhood education
  • Teacher education


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  • Mangwaya E (2013) Knowledge Skills and abilities for early childhood preservice student teachers: A focus group approach. Mediterranean Social Sciences Vol 4(4): 719 – 723.
  • Ndlovu E and Mangwaya E (2013) Arguing for the development of critical thinking skills amongst learners in the Zimbabwean education system. International Journal of Management and Humanities Sciences Vol2(5) 329 – 334.
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  • Mangwaya E (2015) Implementation of the basic education programme (BEAM) in the Zaka north district of Masvingo province in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Social Sciences. Vol 2(12).
  • Mangwaya E and Ndlovu E (2015) Impact of O Level examination localization on assessment standards and credibility: A study of five high schools in the Kwekwe district of Zimbabwe. International Journal of Social Sciences and the Arts Vol 12(9).

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