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/Dr. G.C. Mazarire
Dr. G.C. Mazarire

Position: Senior Lecturer

Department: History Studies


  • BA Hons (UZ)
  • MA (UZ)
  • PhD (UZ)


  • G.C. Mazarire: ‘Of Spelling Errors and Historical Distortions Oral Traditions Concerning the Identity of Maziriri. The Svikiro of the Chivi People’ Zimbabwea No. 11 (December 1999).
  •  G.C. Mazarire: ‘Where Civil Blood Made Soldiers Hands Unclean; Rethinking, War-time coercion in Rural Rhodesia: Reflections on The Chivi Experience 1976-1980’ Journal of African Conflict and Development, Vol.1, No. 1, (2000).
  • G.C. Mazarire & M.R. Rupiya ‘Two Wrongs Do not Make A Right: A Critical Assessment of Zimbabwe’s Demobilization and Reintergration Policies Since 1980’. Journal of Peace, Conflict and Military Studies, Vol. 1, No. 1, 2000
  • G.C. Mazarire ‘Ethical Considerations for Zimbabwean Archives and the Digital Challenge’ Innovation no.24, June 2002
  • G.C. Mazarire ‘The Politics of the Womb: Women Politics and the Environment in Pre-Colonial Chivi: Southern Zimbabwe c. 1840-1900’, Zambezia vol. XXX, no.1 2003
  • G.C. Mazarire ‘The Social basis of ‘Evil’ in Pre-Colonial Zimbabwe With Particular reference to the Practice of Killing Twins among the Karanga’ Chiedza: Arrupe College Journal vol.5 no.2 December 2002
  • G.C. Mazarire Oral Traditions as Heritage: The Historiography of Oral Historical Research on the Shona Communities of Zimbabwe’ Historia vol.47 no.2 November 2002
  • G.C. Mazarire: ‘Changing Landscape and Oral Memory: Towards a Historical Geography of Chishanga, South-eastern Zimbabwe’ Journal of Southern African Studies vol. 29 No.3 September 2003
  • G.C. Mazarire, ‘Defence Consciousness as Way of Life: ‘The Refuge Period’ and Karanga Defence Srategies in the 19th Century’, Zimbabwean Prehistory no. 25, 2005.
  • G.C. Mazarire, ‘Memories and Contestations of the Scramble for Zimbabwe: Chivi (Mashonaland) c.1870-1892’, in Femi J. Kolapo and Kwabena Akurang-Parry eds. African Agency and European Colonialism: Latitude of Negotiation and Containment (University Press of America, Inc., Forbes Boulevard, August 2007)
  • G.C. Mazarire, ‘The Dutch Reformed Church in the Victoria Circle: Mashonaland 1874-1956’, Heritage of Zimbabwe, no. 26, (2007)
  • G.C. Mazarire, ‘A Little England in Chishanga’: The Fate of a British Empire Leprosarium at Ngomahuru, Southern Rhodesia 1925-1946’, African Historical Review 39, no. 2 (2007).
  • G.C. Mazarire, “The Chishanga Waters Have Their Owners’: Water, Politics and Development in Southern Zimbabwe’ Journal of Southern African Studies vol. 34 no. 4 (2008)
  • G.C. Mazarire, ‘Reflections on Pre-Colonial Zimbabwe, c.850-1880s’ in B. Raftopolous & A. Mlambo (eds.) Becoming Zimbabwe: A History from the Pre-colonial Period to 2008 (Weaver Press, Harare, 2009), p.1-38
  • G.C. Mazarire, ‘Rescuing Zimbabwe’s “Other” Liberation Archives’ in C. Saunders (ed.) Documenting Liberation Struggles in Southern Africa (Nordiska Afrikainstutet, Uppsala, 2010), p. 95-106.
  • G.C. Mazarire, ‘Discipline and Punishment in ZANLA 1964-1979’, Journal of Southern African Studies vol. 37 no. 3 (2011) p. 571-591.
  • G.C. Mazarire; ‘Reading Chishanga: Some issues of Process and Method’ in P. Ngulube (ed.) National Archives 75@ 30:&5 Years of Archiving Excellence at the National Archives of Zimbabwe (Harare, National Archives of Zimbabwe, 2012)
  • G.C. Mazarire & N. M. Bhebe, ‘Paying the Ultimate Price’: Zimbabwe and the Liberation of South Africa 1980-1994’ in South Africa Road To Democracy: Regional Solidarity Volume (SADET/Unisa Press, Pretoria, 2013)
  • G.C. Mazarire, ‘The Gadzingo: Towards a Karanga Expansion Matrix in 18th and 19th Century Southern Zimbabwe’ Critical African Studies 5: (1) (2013) 4-16.
  • G.C. Mazarire, ‘ZANU PF and the Government of National Unity 2009-2012’ in B. Raftopolous (ed.) The Hard Road to Reform: The Politics of Zimbabwe’s Global Political Agreement (Weaver Press, Harare, 2013), p.71-116.
  • G.C. Mazarire, ‘Carl Mauch and Some Karanga Chiefs Around Great Zimbabwe, 1871-72: Re-Considering the Evidence’ South African Historical Journal 65 (3) (2013) 337-364.

 Community Engagement

  • Membership of Editorial and Advisory Boards
  • Dr. Mazarire sits on the Advisory Boards of the Following International Journals
  • Critical African Studies
  • Kronos: Southern African Histories
  • The Journal of Globalisation StudiesJournal of Southern African Studies (2014 Nominee)



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