Staff Profile

/Prof Irene Muzvidziwa

Prof Irene Muzvidziwa

Senior Lecturer


  • PhD – Rhodes University
  • Med – Waikato University –New Zealand
  • Bed – Waikato University
  • Diploma in Education -University of Zimbabwe


 Research Interests:

  • Gender and Education
  •  Gender and Educational leadership
  • Staff and School Development
  • Educational Change



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  • Jugmohan Pete and Muzvidziwa Irene (Forthcoming) “Mentoring and Principal Preparation: A Case of KwaZulu-Natal Women. International Journal of Educational Science


Selected List of Papers presented at Conferences:

  • August 2013 -The OXFORD ROUND TABLE conference in England, UK entitled: Women Educational leaders and how they use power to empower others.
  • Leadership experiences of women primary school principals in KwaZulu Natal: A phenomenological inquiry in Cyprus at the Commonwealth council for Educational Administration and Management (CCEAM) conference in November 2012.
  • Mentoring and principal preparation: KwaZulu Natal women Speak – Great Zimbabwe at Southern African Society for Education (SASE) conference in October 2012.
  • Creativity and the art of networking: Tools for successful change management. EASA Conference held at Empakweni in East London Eastern Cape Province in January 2012.
  • Preparing your career path as a Guest of Honour at Ridge-Mont private school’s prize giving Day in November 2009 in Harare.
  • Striving for excellence as Guest of Honour at Conway Primary School’s prize giving Day November 2008 Harare.
  • The Role of Education in Combating Poverty as well as Other Forms of Social Exclusion and Cultural Marginalisation for International Bureau of Education –UNESCO in August 2008 Harare.
  • Gender Equity in Education at a UNESCO organised workshop in July 2007 in Harare.


Community Engagement:

  • Embarking on gender awareness campaigns: – on issues of Gender and HIV/AIDS in schools around Zvishavane.
  • Awareness raising – gender stereo-types in subjects choice and career guidance.
  • Alumni – linking with former MSU graduates
  • ICT Communications Skills Development
  • Ethics Committee
  • Gender Department Library Resources Rep.