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/Dr Itai Hlonie Mafa
Dr Itai Hlonie Mafa

Position: Lecturer

Department: School of Social Work
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  • Bachelor of Social Work (University of Fort Hare)
  • Master of Science Social Work (University of Fort Hare)
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (University of Fort Hare)

Research Interests

  • Gender issues
  • Social justice and social inclusion
  • Child protection
  • Sexual and reproductive health rights
  • Social policing
  • Social Research


  • Training and Development
  • Facilitation
  • Research
  • Proposal Writing
  • Counselling.

Selected Publications   

  • Chisango, T., Mafa I., & Maunganidze, L. (2022). Investigating the sexist implications of Bride Price (Lobola) in Zimbabwe. Society doi:10.1007/s12115-022-00743-7
  • Mudewe, E., Simango, T., Mafa, I and Chingangaidze, R. (2022). Demystifying the National Case Management System in Child protection. In Professional Social Work in Zimbabwe: Putting Children First. Beyond the Vale Publishing: Edenvale, South Africa
  • Chigangaidze, R., Mafa, I., Simango, T and Mudewe, E. (2022). Establishing the relevance of the Ubuntu philosophy in Social work Practice: Inspired by the Ubuntu World Social Work Month 2021 Celebration and the IFSW (2014) global definition of Social work. International Social work:Doi:10.1177/00208728221078374
  • Chatukuta, A and Mafa, I. (2022). The significance of the clinical social workers’ dress in the helping process: The clients’ perceptions. Practice: Doi:10.1080/09503153.2022.2035706
  • Simango, T.G and Mafa, I. (2022). Child Disciplinary Practices versus Child Rights in Zimbabwe: Viewed through Social Work Lenses Qualitative Sociological Review 18 (1) 114-131 DOI:
  • Charamba, S., Mafa, I and Chikadzi, V. (2021). ‘In the eye of the storm’: An exploration of the psychosocial experiences of teen mothers in Zimbabwe. Indian Journal of Social Work (82) 12
  • Mafa, I., Simango, T. and Chisango, T. (2021). Under-Reportage of ‘Sex-For-Marks’ Cases within Public Universities in Zimbabwe. Sexuality, Gender and Policy Doi:10.1002/SGP2.12038
  • Mafa, I and Simango, T.G. (2021). Exploring the ‘Thigh-For-Marks’ Phenomenon among Public Universities in Zimbabwe. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work https:/
  • Chisango, T., Muridzo, N., Mafa, I and Khombo, S. (2021). An exploration of the stereotype content model to university lectures. Journal of Applied Social Sciences https:/
  • Mafa, I. (2021). Pertinent ills concomitant with matrifocality in Zimbabwe: Implications for development. Innovare Journal of Social Sciences, 9 (2):10-15
  • Muridzo, N, Chikadzi, V., Mahunste S and Mafa, I. (2021). Legal shortcomings in the VFS forums responding to child sexual abuse: Lessons from a Zimbabwean case study. African Journal of Social Work 11(1): 32-39
  • Mafa, I., Kange’the S. and Chikadzi, V. (2020). ‘Revenge Pornography’ and Women Issues: Implications for Social Work Practice and Women’s Rights. Journal of Human Rights and Social Work, 5 (1) : 118-128 https://doi:10.1007/s41134-020-00118-0
  • Mahuntshe, L., Muridzo, N., Chikadzi, V and Mafa, I. (2020). Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic in Zimbabwe: Lessons from 2018 Cholera outbreak. Journal of Social Development in Africa, 35 (Special Issue): 91-106
  • Mafa, I. (2020). Identity and Identity Crisis: A Practical Guide to Finding Your True Self. Kindle Direct Publishing
  • Mafa, I and Kange’the, S. (2019).Women-NGOs and Financial Viability: Implications for Women Empowerment Processes from a Social Work Perspective. African Journal of Social Work, 9(2):43-51
  • Muridzo, N. G., Chikadzi, V, Mafa, I. & Chinyenze, P. (2018). Parental circumstances leading to child sexual abuse in Zimbabwe. Journal of Social Development in Africa 33  (2),
  • Mafa, I and Kange’the S.M. (2016). Exploring the Underpinnings of Pseudo-Prostitution in Institutions of Higher Learning in selected African countries. A Literature Review. Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 7(3):167-174
  • Mafa, I & Kange’the SM. (2016) A critical Analysis of the prostitution phenomenon, drawing examples from selected African countries. A Literature Review. Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 7(5):279-288
  • Kange’the S.M and Mafa I. (2014). Evaluating the survival strategies adopted by single mothers to enhance their livelihood in Zimbabwe. Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 5 (27): 1222-1229
  • Kange’the S.M & Mafa I. (2014). Dynamics associated with the state of cohabitation in developing countries. A literature Review. Mediterranean Journal, 5(14):601-609
  • Kange’the S.M & Mafa I. (2014). Exploring the South African Post-Apartheid Poverty situation and proposing measures to mitigate the status. A literature Review. Mediterranean Journal, 5(15):449-456
  • Kange’the S.M and Mafa I. (2014). Dynamics associated with matrifocality in Zimbabwe: A Literature review. Journal of Sociology and Anthropology, 5(2):131-139

Conference Presentations

  • Presented a paper on the Social Work and Social Development International Conference 4th-7th October 2015 ICC East London
  • Poster presentation on University of Fort Hare, Fort Hare’s Research Day 14 October 2014
  • Presented a paper on International Conference on Sustainable Development in Richard’s Bay 2nd -4th December 2014

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