Staff Profile

/Dr Lyton Ncube
Dr Lyton Ncube

Senior Lecturer


  • PhD Cultural and Media Studies,
  • MSc Media and Society Studies,
  • BSc Media and Society Studies,
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education

Research Interests

  • Media,
  • Cultural Studies and Sociology of Sport, particularly the nexus of football,
  • Nationalism, Identities and Representation.


  • Ncube L (2015) African football, identity politics and global media narratives: The legacy of the FIFA 2010 World Cup. African Journalism Studies (Book Review).
  • Ncube L (2014) The interface between football and ethnic identity discourses in Zimbabwe. Critical African Studies, pp 193-210.
  • Ncube L (2014) ‘Bhora Mugedhi Versus Bhora Musango’: The interface between Football Discourse and Zimbabwean Politics. International Review for Sociology of Sport, pp 1-18.
  • Ncube L (2013) Shifting Goal Posts: The interplay Between Political Advertisements and Editorial Slants in Newspapers During Elections. Journalism and Mass Communication, pp 786-796.
  • Ncube L, McCracken D and Engh  M (2013) More than Just a Game? Football, Ethnicity and Gender Identity Discourses in Zimbabwe. Journal of Gender and Religion in Africa, pp 29-53