Staff Profile

/Dr M. Muteveri

Dr M. Muteveri



  • PhD (University of the Western Cape, SA),
  • MSc (UZ),
  • BSc Hons (UZ)

Research Interests

  • Plant Biotechnology
  • Proteomics
  • Computational Biology


In preparation

  • Muteveri, M., and Rees, D.J.G. Optimization of in vitro Culture and Plant Regeneration of Sorghum bicolor 
  • Muteveri, M., Ndimba B.K. and Rees D.J.G.Isolation, Molecular Cloning andCharacterization of the Novel Sorghum bicolorLEAFY COTYLEDON 1 (SbLEC1) Gene
  • Muteveri, M., Ndimba B.K. and Rees D.J.GCloning and Heterologous Expression of the Novel Sorghum bicolorLEAFY
    COTYLEDON1  (SbLEC1) Gene in E. coli

Conference Presentations:

  • Muteveri, M., Ndimba B.K. and Rees D.J.G. New Genetic Tools to Engineer Starch Production in Crops.Agricultural  Biotechnology International Conference. 2-6 September 2012, Sandton City,  South Africa (Poster) 
  • Muteveri, M., Ndimba B.K. and Rees D.J.G.  New Genetic Tools to  Engineer Starch Production in Crops. 2nd Genetically  Modified Organism in Horticulture Symposium. ISHS  International Conference.  11-15 September 2012, White  River, South Africa(Oral)

Community Engagement:

I am involved in the establishment of three main departmental community engagementprojects, which are 1. Setting up mobile laboratory to be taken to rural schools that have shortages of laboratory facilities 2. Bee keeping,and 3. Aquaculture.