Staff Profile

/Dr. Philip Bhebhe

Dr. Philip Bhebhe



  • Bachelor of Arts (Honours)
  • Master of Science in Educational Research and Statistics
  • PhD

Research Interests:

  • Peace and Reconciliation


  • Militant Piety: Violence as a sacred duty.
  • Zimbabwe Integration, Reconciliation and Rehabilitation Processes.
  • Education under Attack.
  • Hear The Voices of Children.

Forgiveness and Reconciliation in Zimbabwe.


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  • Philip Bhebhe (2014) : New Revised International Edition: Dissertation and Theses. A comprehensive Study Guide for Research Students and Scholars. Inkdrops, Bulawayo. 90 pages
  • Philip Bhebhe (2014) Communicating Research. Inkdrops, Bulawayo.
  • Philip Bhebhe (2014) Education and Conflict. Education as a means of conflict resolution in the 21st century.. Inkdrops, Bulawayo