Staff Profile

/Dr Phillip Mpofu
Dr Phillip Mpofu

Lecturer, African Languages and Culture


  • DLitt et Phil-Unisa,
  • M.A,
  • B.A Hons- MSU).

Research Interests:

Culture and development in Africa, language/culture and the media, African nationalism and national identity issues.


  • Mpofu, P & Tembo, C. (2015) Militarising Music and Demilitarising the military: making sense of “Musoja” in Zimdancehall Music, Muziki: Journal of Music research in Africa, 12:1, 103-121.
  • Mpofu, P & Mutasa, D.E. (2014) Language policy, linguistic hegemony and exclusion in the Zimbabwean print and broadcasting media. In South African Journal of African Languages. 34(2): 225–233.
  • Mpofu, P. (2013) HIV/AIDS Awareness Advertising: Representation of the Linguistic and Socio-cultural Repertoires on ZBC/ TV. In International Journal of Social Science Research. Vol. 1, Issue 1, pp: 19-27. Universiti Malaysia Kelantan.
  • Mpofu, P. (2012). The Dearth of Culture in Sustainable Development: The Impact of NGOs’ Agenda and Conditionalities on Cultural Sustainability in Zimbabwe. In Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa (Volume 14, No .4, 2012). Pp 191-205. Pennsylvania.
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