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/Dr Phillip Mpofu
Dr Phillip Mpofu

Position: Senior Lecturer

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  • DLitt et Phil-Unisa
  • M.A
  • B.A Hons- MSU

Research Interests:

  • Language policy and planning
  • Language and identity politics
  • African language media


  • Mpofu, P. 2019. Politics of language, ethnicity, and identity in Zimbabwean ethnolinguistic online communities, In African Language Digital Media and Communication, edited by A. Salawu. pp 154-172. London: Routledge. 
  • Mpofu, P., & Salawu, A. 2019. Interrogating the autonomy of previously marginalised languages in Zimbabwe’s indigenous language newspapers. Language Matters: Studies in the Languages of Africa, 50(1): 25-44.
  • Mpofu, P., & Salawu, A. 2018. Re-examining the indigenous language press in Zimbabwe: Towards developmental communication and language empowerment. South African Journal of African Languages, 38(3): 293-302.
  • Mpofu, P. 2018. Linguistic disenfranchisement, minority resistance and language revitalisation: The contributions of ethnolinguistic online communities in Zimbabwe, Cogent Arts and Humanities, 5: 1551764, 1-14.
  • Mpofu, P., & Salawu, A. 2018. Culture of sensationalism and indigenous language press in Zimbabwe: Implications on language development. African Identities, 16(1): 1-16.
  • Mpofu, P., & Salawu. 2018.. Interdisciplinarity and Indigenous Language Media: Understanding Language Choices in Zimbabwe’s Media, Language Matters: Studies in the Languages of Africa, 49:1, 45-64.
  • Tembo, C. & Mpofu, P. 2018. ‘More than just nicknames’: Manifestations of nommo in honour and celebration heroes and heroines in post-independence Zimbabwe. In Zimbabwean Naming Practices and Patterns: A Sociolinguistic Approach, edited by P. Mashiri, E. Chabata & Z. Mamvura. pp 74-91. Harare: UZ Publications.
  • Charamba, T & Mpofu, P. 2018. Interpreting and interrogating the regime change agenda of the Movement for Democratic Change as depicted in the song ‘ZANU yaora.’ In Singing the Nation and Politics: Music and the Decade of Crisis in Zimbabwe 2000-2010. pp .Harare: UZ Publications.
  • Mpofu, P. & Charamba, T. 2016. (Re) defining the ‘local’: Music and the contested ‘local’ space in post-2000 Zimbabwe. Madirativhange, 2(1): 51-63. 
  • Mpofu, P. & Tembo, C. 2015. Militarising music and demilitarising the military: Making sense of ‘Musoja’ in Zimdancehall music. Muziki: Journal of Music Research in Africa, 12(1): 103-121.
  • Mpofu, P. & Mutasa, D.E. 2014. ‘Language policy, linguistic hegemony and exclusion in the Zimbabwean print and broadcasting media’. South African Journal of African Languages. 34(2): 225-233.

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