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/Dr Stephen Nhuta


  • PhD Business Administration (First Class)  – (Washington DC, USA)
  • MBA – United States International University Africa (Nairobi, Kenya) 
  • BSC Business Administration – United States International University (Nairobi, Kenya) 
  • Executive Development Program – University of Zimbabwe
  • Associate Institute of Certified Bookkeepers – South Africa
  • Chartered Institute of Secretaries South Africa – Part One

Research Interest

  • Strategic Management
  • Corporate Governance


  • Nhuta S (2012) Intensity of competition and Implications on strategy   African Airlines Association Wings Journal No. 16
  • Wisikoti I, Mutanga M and Nhuta S (2012) The significance of the Human Resources Role in the Hotel Sector in Harare, Zimbabwe. IJMB Journal ISSN: 2230-9519 Vol. 2 Issue 3
  • Nhuta S (2012) Social Role Of Entrepreneurship in Zimbabwe IJMRA Journal ISSN: 2249-5894 Volume 2 Issue 11 Page 16-34
  • Nhuta S (2012) Human Resource Issues in Total Quality Management: A Case Study of Kenya Airways IJMBS Journal ISSN : 2230-9519  Vol. 2, Issue 4, Oct – Dec 2012
  • Nhuta S (2012) An Analysis of the Forces That Determine The Competitive Intensity of the Airline Industry and The Implications For Strategy IJPSS Journal  ISSN: 2249-5894 September 2012 Volume 2, Issue 9
  • Nhuta S (2014) Recapitalization Strategies Employed by Commercial Banks in Zimbabwe IJRSS V31605 Vol. 3 Issue 6 February 2014
  • Nhuta S  (2014) Hyper inflationary Environment Causes Deviation From and Dismantling of Corporate Governance Trends: Case of Zimbabwe International Journal of Education and Research Vol. 2 No. 11 ISSN: 2201-6333 (Print), ISSN: 2201-6740 (Online)
  • Nhuta S,  Kapofu W (2015)   Evaluation Of Strategic Entrepreneurship Approaches For Sustainable Growth In The Commercial Banking Sector In Zimbabwe International Journal of Contemporary Applied Sciences Vol. 2 No. 2 pp. 57-83
  • Nhuta S, Makuyana T (2015) Imbalance on the Technical, Education Tourism and Hospitality courses in Zimbabwe JOURNAL OF EDUCATION AND ENTREPRENEURIAL RESEARCH Vol. 2 No.5
  • Nhuta S (2015) Tourism and sustainable development: Perspectives and learning for a sustainable future. MSU International Research Conference Victoria Falls
  • Nhuta S (2016) Strategic Leadership In a Depressed  Economy Institute of Chartered Accountants “UPDATE ON CURRENT AFFAIRS CONFERENCE”
  • Nhuta S (2016) The Rhetoric and  Reality on the Role and Effectiveness Of Parliamentary Committees in Ensuring Executive Accountability Online Journal of African Affairs ISSN 2346-7479
  • Nhuta S (2017), Nhuta P.C. Job Satisfaction Levels and Motivation among Teachers: A Comparative Analysis of Teachers in Government Public and Private Schools Journal of Educational Policy and Entrepreneurial Research ISSN:2408-6231 ONLINE PUBLICATION
  • Nhuta S (2017) Empowerment of Zimbabwean Women Through Entrepreneurship Journal Of Educational Policy And Entrepreneurial Research
  • Nhuta  S (2020)  Business Ethical Values A Critical Key Sucess Factor For Zimbabwe Agenda For Sustainable Socio Economic Transformation (ZIM ASSET) SCHOLEDGE Int’l Journal of Business Policy & Governance


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