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/Mr Alex Mukwembi
Mr Alex Mukwembi

Position: Executive Director - MSU Enterprises

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  • MSc Computer Science

Research Interests:

  • Computer Architecture
  • Web site optimization
  • Mobile health
  • IT service management and computer security


  • D Govere, A Mukwembi, T Tsokota, O Chikuta, P ChinofungaThe use of the Internet to Attract Tourists to Zimbabwe. An analysis of the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Website. IJMBS Vol. 3, ISSUE 1,JAN – MARCH 2013, ISSN:2230-9519 (online), ISSN:2231-2463 (PRINT)
  • A Mukwembi, A Chawanda, L Malaba, L Shumba- Design of Africare dry landing website.
  • A Mukwembi – Collaborative E-Marketing strategies as a way of generating sustainable business development and growth in developing countries – A paper presented at the IT International Conference in Florida, USA in June 2004.
  • A Mukwembi – Technology and unprofessional behavior – a paper awaiting publication in the MSUJAT.

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