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Mr Anyway Chofamba

Position: Lecturer

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  • B.Sc. Agronomy-Midlands State University
  • M.Sc. in Plant Sciences- Tel Aviv University


  • Physiological and molecular studies in cyanobacteria
  • Climate research and technological 


  • Evaluation of growth and phycocyanin production in Arthrospira (Spirulina) platensis under different photon flux densities. Under review, Journal of International Aquatic Research-Springer
  • Evaluation of Super Absorbent Polymer (Hipro-Aqua) on the Growth, Yield and Quality of Tobacco (Nicotiana tabacum L.) Under Various Irrigation Regimes. Accepted for Publication. International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
  • Host Status and Disease threshold of Rhizoctonia solani (Kühn   (teleomorph:   Thanatephorus   cucumeris (Frank)  Donk), on Chia (Salvia hispanica. L) and its suitability as a rotational crop to (Nicotana tabucum. L). Under Review, Journal of Plant Microbiology


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