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/Mr Cleopas Njerekai
Mr Cleopas Njerekai

Position: Lecturer


  • PHD Tourism Final year student with Midlands State University, Zimbabwe
  • MSc in Tourism & Hospitality Management, (UZ, 2004)
  • BA Honours Geography, (UZ, 1994)
  • BA Arts General, (UZ, 1990)
  • Grad CE, (UZ, 1998)

Research interests

  • Sustainable Tourism development 
  • Community tourism development 
  • Youth and women tourism entrepreneurship



  • Njerekai, C. (2009). Advanced Level Geography, Hydrology, Climatology and Human Geography practicals, Booklove Publishers, Gweru.
  • Njerekai, C. (2019). Dissertation and Research Methods Handbook for Tourism Students, Midlands State University Press, Gweru. 

Book Chapters 

  • Njerekai, C. (2019). The context and future of tourism in Africa’s national parks: Could privatization within protected areas be the panacea? in Monkgogi L., Moswete, N. and Stone M. (ed.), Natural resources, tourism and community livelihoods in Southern Africa: Challenges of Sustainable Development, London, Routledge.
  • Munyanyiwa, T., Nyaruwata. S, and Njerekai, C. (2019). How community-based tourism can survive in turbulent environments: The Mahenye CAMPFIRE project, Zimbabwe in Mkono, M. (ed.), Positive Tourism in Africa. London, Taylor and Francis.
  • Chikuata, O., and Njerekai, C. (2019). Tourism and hospitality human resource training and development in Zimbabwe in Nyaruwata, S. (ed.), Tourism Development in Zimbabwe: Issues and Perspectives. Harare, University of Zimbabwe Publications. 
  • Njerekai, C. (2016). Reflections on International Carnivals as a Destination Recovery Strategy: The case of Zimbabwe in Manwa, H., Moswete, N. and Saarinen, J. (eds.), Cultural Tourism in Southern Africa, New York, Channel View Publications. 

Journal Articles

  • Njerekai, C. (2019). An application of the virtual reality 3600 concept to the Great Zimbabwe Monument, Journal of Heritage Tourism, Taylor and Francis. Available online at https://doi.org/10.10800/1743873x.2019.1696808.
  • Njerekai, C. (2019). Hotel characteristics and the adoption of demand oriented hotel green practices in Zimbabwe: A regression, African Journal of Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure, 8 (2), Open Access- Online @ http//: www.ajhtl.com.
  • Njerekai, C. (2018). A Critique of the methodological approaches to hotel guest green consumerism empirical researches since 2000, International Journal of Research in Tourism and Hospitality, 4 (1) 10-17.
  • Njerekai, C., Wushe, R. & Basera, V. (2018). Staffing and working conditions of employees in Chinese restaurants in Zimbabwe: Justifiable? Journal of Tourism & Hospitality, 7 (2) Open access-DOI: 10.4172/2167-0269.1000341.
  • Njerekai, C. & Mabika, C.A (2016). Review of the global trophy hunting procedures and processes with Illustrations from Zimbabwe, African Journal of Hospitality Tourism and Leisure, 5 (1) Open Access- Online @ http//: www.ajhtl.com.
  • Njerekai, C. (2014). The tangible economic benefits of the 20th session of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation General Assembly to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe,African Journal of Hospitality Tourism and Leisure, 3 (1) Open Access- Online @ http//: www.ajhtl.com.
  • Njerekai, C. & Nyahunzvi, D. K. (2012). Tour guiding in Zimbabwe: Key issues and challenges, Tourism Management Perspectives 6, 3-7.
  • Njerekai, C. & Mlambo, S. (2012) A policy analysis of the buying practices among grocery retailers in Zimbabwe, The Dyke. 6 (3) 196-207.
  • Chikuta, O., Nkomazana, N. & Njerekai, C. (2012). Leisure travel patterns of Zimbabwe’s urban population and their predictors Tourism Analysis: An Interdisciplinary Journal, 17 (4) MSU repository-irmsu.ac.zw.880/jspui/bitstream.

Conferences and papers presented

  • An analysis of the trophy hunting processes and procedures in Zimbabwe. Paper presented at the Second International Conference on Tourism and Hospitality Management. 16-18 November,  2015 Colombo, Sri-Lanka.
  • Congress Presentation at the Zimbabwe Council for Tourism 2014-Human Resource Audit for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Zimbabwe, 21-22 October, 2014: Cresta Lodge, Harare.
  • International Conference Presentation-The future of Tourism in Africa’s Protected Areas. Presented at the 1st Pan African Conference on “The future of Tourism in Africa’s National Parks, 14-16 October, 2012-Arusha, Tanzania.
  • International Congress Presentation-“Rural Tourism Development in Africa” at the Africa Travel Association (ATA) World Congress, 18th to the 22nd of May, 2012. Elephant Hills Hotel, Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.
  • Paper PresentedIncreasing Returns from other Aspects of your Hotel Development” Paper Presented at Hospitality Association of Zimbabwe Congress, 22-24th November, 2010, Holiday, Bualwayo, Zimbabwe.
  • Paper presented “New Exciting Dimensions to Stimulating Tourism Demand in the Midlands Province”, MSU workshop, 16-18th  October,  2009, Fairmile Motel, Gweru.
  • Presented a paper on “Human Resource and Training Needs for the Tourism and Hospitality Industry in Mozambique”, One day workshop, 8th February, 2008, Catholic University of Mozambique, Pemba, Mozambique.
  • Paper Presented “Empirical and Qualitative Data Analysis”, a paper jointly written with professor F. T. Mugabe,  2 day Research and Publishing Skills Workshop,  16-18 February, 2006: Tshulu Tshanabe, Gweru, Zimbabwe.
  • Paper presented  “Ethical Issues in Dissertation Supervision”,  Workshop, 10-12 March, 2006: Antelope Game Park, Gweru, Zimbabwe.

University service/Community engagement:

  • A national committee member for the Tourism Educators and Researchers Association Zimbabwe (TERAZ).
  • A Faculty Representative for the Editorial and Publications Committee at the Midlands State University.
  • Food and Beverage trainer for kitchen staff for the country’s high schools, colleges and universities.

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