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/Mr Edward Kurwakumire
Mr Edward Kurwakumire


  •  Bsc Honours Degree in Surveying and Geomatics (MSU, Zimbabwe)
  • Msc Gei-information Management (Land Administration Specialisation) (ITC, Netherlands)
  • Certificate in Exploring Geographical Information Systems (UNISA, South Africa)
  • Currently working on Certificate in Information Technology based Supply Chain Management (UNISA).
Research Interests:
Spatial Data Infrastructures, Land Administration Systems, Sustainable Urban Planning Systems
  •  MAPAMULA, R. T., PARADZAYI, C. & KURWAKUMIRE, E. 2016. A Comparative Study of Cadastre 2014 and the Zimbabwean Cadastral System. South African Journal of Geomatics, 5, 31-48.
Work under Review:
  • Development of Institutional Framework for Zimbabwe NSDI (South African Journal of Geomatics)
  • Democratization of Spatial Data and Key PSI in Zimbabwe (GSDI)
Workshops: Curriculum Development

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