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/Mr Farai Ncube
Mr Farai Ncube

Position: Lecturer


  • PhD Student University of Fort Hare
  • MSC  Human Resource Management – MSU
  • BSC  Human Resource Management – MSU
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education – MSU
  • Certificate Leadership – Lasting Impression
  • Certificate Disciplinary Hearings – Stratways

Research Interests:

  • Industrial Relation
  •  Decent Work
  • Labour Law
  • Trade Unionism
  • Corporate Governance
  • International HR
  • Comparative Industrial Relations
  • Strategic Human Resource Management

Publications :

  • Farai Ncube. Inter- Union Rivalry, Legitimacy and Union Influence on Shop-Floor Industrial Relations in Zimbabwe’s Urban Councils. International Journal of Economics, Finance and Management Sciences. Vol. 4, No. 6, 2016, pp. 362-368.
  • Farai Ncube. Cultural values: A conduit of shaping managerial thinking in Zimbabwe’s industrial relations. African Journal of History and Culture, Vol. 6(5), pp. 76-84, 2014
  • Farai Ncube. A Reflection on the Strike Action Legislation Dynamics in Zimbabwe: Its Political, Economic and Social Impact. The Dyke, Vol 6.4 (2012), p74-86
  • Farai Ncube. Precarious Employment as Survival Strategy: An Emerging Reality in Zimbabwean Hotels. The International Journal Of Business & Management, Vol, 5 (2), pp 67-73
  • Farai, Ncube.  Down the Memory Lane: Revisiting the 1972 Hwange Colliary Kamandama Disaster.  International Journal of Art & Humanity Science(IJAHS) Vol. 1 (XX), xxxx, 55-65
  • Langton Maunganidze, Farai Ncube & Peter Sibanda. Rethinking Pro-Active Disaster Planning in the Workplace: The Case of a Selected Mine in Zimbabwe, International Journal of Business and Management; Vol. 8, No. 15; 2013
  • Farai Ncube & Langtone Maunganidze.  Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation in Zimbabwean State Owned Enterprises: A Case of Institutionalized Predation, Management 2014, 4(6): 131-140
  • Peter Sibanda, Taruona Muchena & Farai Ncube.  Employee Engagement and Organisational Performance in a Public Sector Organisation in Zimbabwe, International Journal of Asian Social Science, 2014, 4(1): 89- 99
  • Farai Ncube & Steven Jerie. Leveraging Employee Engagement for Competitive Advantage in the Hospitality Industry. A Comparative Study of Hotels A and B in Zimbabwe, Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences (JETEMS) 3(4): 380-388
  • Farai Ncube; Peter Sibanda and Langtone Maunganidze. The Competitive Advantages of Organisations in Zimbabwe’s Hospitality Industry: A Case of Two Organisations, Journal of Emerging Trends in Economics and Management Sciences (JETEMS) 4(3):328-336 
  • Peter Sibanda, Emmanuel Mavenga, Langtone Maunganidze and Farai Ncube. Employee’ Reactance and Survival Strategies in an Underperforming Zimbabwean Parastatal. African Journal of Business Management, Vol, 8 (22), pp. 1043-1052, 28 November 2014
  • Farai Ncube, Thamsanqa Donga and Cynthia Gauya. Performance Contracts and Service Delivery in Rural Local Authorities: A Myth or a Reality. The International Journal of Business & Management, Vol, 5 (2), pp 60-66

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