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/Mr Farai Ncube
Mr Farai Ncube

Lecturer : Department Of Human Resources


MHRM, BSc HRM (Hons), PDTE (Msu)

Research Interests: Industrial Relations, Strategic HRM, Occupational Health and Safety and Productivity.

Publications :
⦁ Corporate Governance and Executive Compensation in Zimbabwean State Owned Enterprises: A Case of Institutionalized Predation.
⦁ Cultural Values: A conduit of Shaping Managerial Thinking in Zimbabwe’s Industrial relations.
⦁ A Reflection on the Strike Action Legislation Dynamics in Zimbabwe: Its Political, Economic and Social Impact. The Case of Mutare City Council and ARDA Rating Middle Sabi.
⦁ Rethinking Pro-Active Disaster Planning in the Workplace: The Case of a Selected Mine in Zimbabwe.
⦁ Down The Memory Lane: Revisiting The 1972 Hwange Colliery Kamandama Disaster.
⦁ Leveraging Employee Engagement for Competitive Advantage in the Hospitality Industry. A Comparative Study of Hotels A and B in Zimbabwe.
⦁ The Competitive Advantages of Organisations in Zimbabwe’s Hospitality Industry: A Case of Two Organisations.
⦁ Employee Engagement and Organisational Performance in a Zimbabwean Public Sector Organisation. International Journal of Asian Social Science.
⦁ Employee Reactance and Survival Strategies in an Underperforming Zimbabwean Parastatal.

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