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/Dr Joshua Chakawa
Dr Joshua Chakawa

Position: Chairperson

Department: History Studies


  • BA (UZ),
  • Dip.Ed (ZOU)
  • MA (MSU)
  • PhD (MSU)

Research Interests

  •  African liberation wars
  • Postcolonial History of Africa
  • Research Methods in History
  • Peace and Conflict Studies
  • International Law
  • Military History
  • Indigenous Knowledge Systems
  • History of Christian missions and African Independent Churches
  • Labor History of Africa
  • Reconciliation, Integration and Healing in Post-Conflict Societies
  • African education history


  • Joshua Chakawa, The use and abuse of militias: Making sense of militia-induced conflicts in post-colonial Africa and the impotence of regional organizations, M Muchie, V Gumede et aal, Unite or Perish: 50 years after the founding of the OAU, Africa Institute of South Africa (AISA), Chapter 20, pages 337-349, ISBN 978-7983-0483-2.
  • Joshua Chakawa, Sellouts and the Liberation War in Zimbabwe: The Case Study of Hurungwe District, in Vongai Z Nyawo-Shava (editor) Themes in Contemporary History of Zimbabwe:Emerging Perspectives in Afrikology, Gweru, Mambo Press, 2013. (ISBN 978 0 8692 2860 9)
  • V Z Nyawo and J Chakawa, ‘Amelioration and demelioration of words and names: Contemporary discourse in Zimbabwe’, in Repositioning the Humanities: Journal of Contemporary Research, Volume 1 Number 2, December 2014, pages. 39-65.
  • Joshua Chakawa, Guerrilla Warfare and the Environment in Southern Africa: Impediments faced by ZIPRA and Umkhonto Wesizwe, Oral History Journal of South Africa, Volume 2, Number 2, 2014, pages 36-47, ISSN2309-5792.
  • Joshua Chakawa, Metaphysics in Zimbabwe’s War of Liberation (Second Chimurenga): Ehoes from Participants, Repositioning the Humanities: Journal of Contemporary Research, Volume 1 Number 1, June 2014,pages 44-61, ISSN 2312-945X. (Published by the Faculty of Arts, Midlands State University).
  • O Chigume and J Chakawa, The media weapon: an analysis of how the Rhodesian government used the media to handle the refugee issue from 1940 to 1950, The Dyke (Journal of the Midlands State University, Volume 8 Number 3 of 2014.
  • T David, I Makanyisa, J Chakawa, Government-initiated reconciliation strategies versus community-based strategies: voices from the liberation war veterans of Zimbabwe, Journal ofInternational Academic Research for Multidisciplinary, Volume 2, Number 1, February 2014, pages 36-47. (ISSN: 2320-5083).
  • Joshua Chakawa and V Z Nyawo-Shava, ‘Effects of the State’s Long Hand on Struggle Stories in Rural Areas’, International Journal of Research in Social Sciences, September 2013, Vol 3 Number 1, pages 45-52. (ISSN2307-227X)
  • Joshua Chakawa, ‘Themes in Zimbabwe’s War of Liberation, 1966-1979, in Journal of History andDevelopment, Volume 2 Number 2 June 2011, pp50-70. (ISSN 2220-749X)
  • The Environment and Zimbabwe People’s Revolutionary Army in Zimbabwe’s War of Liberation, Zimbabwes International Journal of Language and Culture, Volume 2 Number 1, March 2011.
  • Joshua Chakawa, ‘The Tragedy of German Jesuits Working in Chinhoyi Doicese During Zimbabwe’s War of Liberation’, The Dyke, Volume 5. Number 2, 2011, pages. 1-19. (ISSN 1815-9036).
  • Joshua Chakawa, Marriage via the ‘Holy’ Spirit: Girl Child Sexual Abuse in the Johanne Marange Apostolic Church in Marange Area of Zimbabwe, Zimbabwe Social Science Review, Volume1. Number. 2, December 2010, pages 34-48. (ISSN2220-752X)
  • Isaac Choto and Joshua Chakawa, ‘Indigenous Knowledge Systems as a Survival Strategy in 21st Century Zimbabwe: A Case of Selected Rural Communties in Zimbabwe’, Journal of History and Development, Volume 1 Number 1 September 2010, pages 42-53. (ISSN2220-749X).

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