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/Mr Kizito Kunaka
Mr Kizito Kunaka



  • MSc Animal Science
  • BSc Agriculture (Honours)(Animal Science)

Research Interests

  • Animal Breeding and genetics
  • Dairy production
  • Smallholder animal Production


The following are the articles that he has published so far:

  1. Mushipe, J., Kunaka, K., Masaka, J. andChivandi, E. 2016. Dietary protein maize improves growth performance, feed economy, carcass yield, gastrointestinal length and liver mass of broiler chicken. (in press)
  1. Kunaka, K., Tada, O. and Makuza, S. M. 2016Economic Values and Breeding Strategy of Small-Scale Commercial Dairy Enterprises in Zimbabwe: Making a Case of What Needs to Be Done. (in press)
  1. Rudzingi, J. Magwaba, T. Mahachi, S. and Kunaka, K. (undated) Animal Nutrition Training Module, Ministry of Agriculture, Mechanisation and Irrigation Development, Department of Agricultural Education and Farmer Training.
  1. Tada O, Kunaka, K.and Mashopane, A. 2010. Influence of cattle mating system and fixed factors on growth performance of Brahman, beefmaster and their crosses under lowveld conditions of Zimbabwe. Botswana Journal of Agriculture and Applied Sciences, 6 (3): 50 – 56.
  1. Kunaka, K. 2006. A review of the importance of genotype x environment interactions in animals. Midlands State University Journal of Science, Agriculture and Technology. 1. (1) 42-52.
  1. Kunaka, K. Makuza, S. M. 2005. Environmental factors affecting milk production in the Holstein-Friesian population of Zimbabwe. Pakistan Journal of Biological Sciences. 8 (7) 989-994.
  1. Kunaka, K. Makuza, S. M. 2005. Genetic and environmental trends for milk traits in the Zimbabwean Holstein-Friesian population. Journal of Biological Sciences. 8 (7): 1011-1015.
  1. Kunaka, K., Makuza, S. M., Wollny, C. B. A. and Banda, J. W. 2001. Genetic trends for milk, fat and protein in the Zimbabwean Holstein-Friesian population from 1973 to1994. Archives of Animal Breeding.44 (1): 23-32.

Conference presentations

  1. Matavele, G. H. and Kunaka, K.(2011) Preliminary study of the effects of inclusion of coconut meal, blood meal wheat bran used in the feeding of grower pigs at InstitutoAgrário de Chókwè. (in Portuguese) Fundo Nacional de Investigação (FNI) – Ministério da Ciência e tecnologia (MCT) – RevistaInvestigação Cientifica&Tecnológica publicaçãoSemestral – Edição No 1- Junho de 2011- 3as – JornadasCientificas e Tecnológicas Maputo Republica de Moçambique.
  1. Kunaka, K. (2007) Breeding for biotic and a biotic resistance and tolerance in farm animals: A review. Proceedings of the 8th Research Council of Zimbabwe symposium, 31 January to 01 February 2007, University of Zimbabwe, Harare, VIII (B) 105-117.
  1. Tada, O. Beffa, M. and Kunaka, K. 2006. Genetic evaluation of Holstein-Friesian heifers for average daily gain in height-at-withers and live weight from weaning to calving period (accepted May 2006) Proceedings of the 30Th International conference on Animal genetics. 20-25 August 2006, Porto Seguro, Brazil.

Community Engagement

  • Lundi Park Primary School holiday school Chairperson

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