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Mr. Moment Bhebhe

Position: Lecturer

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  • MSc (HRM)
  • BSc (HRM)
  • PGD (Tertiary Education)
  • IPMZ Dip. (Personnel Management)

Research Interests:

  • Collective Bargaining,
  • Democracy in the workplace,
  • Employee Engagement,
  • Employee relations in a changing world of work.


  • Bhebhe, M.; & Takaindisa, P. (2020). A Works Council’s Response to Decent Work Deficits facing Agricultural employees in Zimbabwe. International Journal of Social Sciences, 9 (4), 219-227. DOI: 10.30954/2249-6637.04.2020.2.
  • Bhebhe, M.; Chakanyuka, G.; & Takaindisa, P. (2020). Compliance with Section 6 (1) of the Labour Act (Chapter 28:01) (Protection of employees’ right to fair labour standards), within Chinese enterprises in Zimbabwe: the HRM Practitioners’ Perspective. Africa Development and Resources Research Institute Journal, Ghana: Vol. 29, No. 1(6), Pp. 113-142, E-ISSN: 2343-6662.
  • Bhebhe, M. (2020). Employee Disengagement from the perspective of frontline employees: A hotel case study in Zimbabwe. Journal of Management and Administration, 2020 (1), 73-100.
  • Bhebhe, M and Hove, E. 2016. Workplace Romance: Rationale for Human Resource Practitioners’ Intervention. A case of a local authority in Zimbabwe, International Journal of Asian Social Science, vol. 6 (7): 386-397.
  • Nyanhete, T and Bhebhe, M.2014. Factors impacting on Reward Systems: A comparative study between public and private universities in Zimbabwe. Journal of Sustainable Development, vol. 7 (5): 150-161.
  • Bhebhe, M and Nyanhete, T.2013. Enhancing customer service through employee engagement in the service sector, The Dyke, vol. 7 (2): 95-109.


  • 2021: Strategies and challenges in curbing precariousness of employees within the Private Security Industry in Zimbabwe. International Labour Process Conference 2021 University of Greenwich • 12th-14th April 2021.
  • 2020: Short-Long-Term Effects of COVID-19 to Zimbabwe’s Labour Relations. Key Lessons for Employers and Employees. Engineering, Iron and Steel Association, Zimbabwe (EISAZ) Virtual Labour Conference.
  • 2020: Beyond the COVID-19: a focus on skills development for sustainable HRM in Zimbabwe’s Tourism Industry. 2020 HDCA Conference – Auckland, New Zealand, 30 June to 02 July 2020.
  • 2018: Mitigating Employee Disengagement in hotel employment. Eurasia 3rd International Conference on Law, Business, Economics and Psychology ICBELLP) 02-03 October 2018, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.


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