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/Mr. Moment Bhebhe
Mr. Moment Bhebhe

Position: Lecturer

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  • MSc (HRM)
  • BSc (HRM)
  • PGD (Tertiary Education)
  • IPMZ (Personnel Management)

Research Interests:

  • Collective Bargaining,
  • Industrial/ Workplace Democracy,
  • Employee Engagement,
  • Labour Relations in the Hospitality Industry.


  • Bhebhe, M and Hove, E. 2016. Workplace Romance: Rationale for Human Resource Practitioners’ Intervention. A case of a local authority in Zimbabwe, International Journal of Asian Social Science, vol. 6 (7): 386-397
  • Nyanhete, T and Bhebhe, M.2014.Factors impacting on Reward Systems: A comparative study between public and private universities in Zimbabwe, Journal of Sustainable Development, vol. 7 (5): 150-161
  • Bhebhe, M and Nyanhete, T.2013. Enhancing customer service through employee engagement in the service sector, The Dyke, vol. 7 (2): 95-109



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