Staff Profile

/Mr Peter Sibanda

Mr Peter Sibanda

Lecturer: Department of Human Resources Management


MSc HRM (MSU), BSc (Hons.) HRM (MSU), PGDTE (MSU),  IPMZ Dip, CPM Diploma in Personnel Management and
Industrial Relations.

Research Interests:

I am primarily interested in how organisations can fully utilise and derive value from paid labour units in both the public and private sectors. My other interest is on the management of labour and employment relations in the Public Sector


  • The Competitive Advantages of Organisations in Zimbabwe’s Hospitality Industry: A Case of Two Organisations
  • Rethinking Pro-active Disaster Planning in the Workplace: The Case of ABC Mines, Zimbabwe
  • Employee Engagement and Organisational Performance in a Public Sector Organisation in Zimbabwe
  • Vectoring Organizational Diagnosis for Effective HR Strategic Planning
  • Employee Reactance and Survival Strategies in an Underperforming Zimbabwean Parastatal
  • Employee Retrenchment in Zimbabwe; A contested/fragmented fit between economics and ubuntu
  • Quality Management Systems and Employee Performance in Zimbabwe’s Hospitality Industry