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/Mr Potiphar Katerere Nhenga
Mr Potiphar Katerere Nhenga



  • Pth ( Primary Teachers Higher ) Utts. 
  • Tesc ( Teacher Education Supplementary Course ) University of Zimbabwe.
  • Bachelor pf Arts : History And Sociology. ( Unisa ).
  • Master In Educational Administration. (Uz).


Research Interests:

  • Supervision Of Educational Personnel.
  • Motivation Of Educational Personnel.
  • Creating An Environment Conducive To The Attainment Of Educational Goals.
  • School Governance.


Publications ( In Progress )

  • My Life In Teacher Education: An Autobiography.
  • Teacher Education From The Kerr Commission Of Inquiry (1952) To The Nziramasanga Presidential Commission Of Inquiry (1999).
  • Transformative Interventionist Strategy To University Teaching.

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