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/Mr  Prosper Denhere 
Mr  Prosper Denhere 



  • Currently Studying PhD in Information Technology , University of Kwazulu Natal
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education , Midlands State University
  • MSc Management Information Systems, Midlands State University
  • BSc Information Systems, Midlands State University

Research Interests:

  • Cloud Computing, Mobile computing and E-Commerce
  • IT Governance, Business Processes and IT Strategy
  • Computer Networks and Computer Security.


  • Caleb Manjeese, Talent Mawere, Kundai O. Sai, Denhere Prosper. Understanding the Information Security awareness and attitudes of students in Zimbabwean universities: A case study of Great Zimbabwe University. Excel International Journal of Multidiscipline Management Studies- ISSN 2249-8834, EIJMMS, Volume (9) September (2015), pp31-40.
  • Talent Mawere, Prosper Denhere*, Caleb Manjeese, Kundai Oliver Sai. Towards a Mobile Banking Adoption model for the Zimbabwean Market. Excel International Journal of Multidiscipline Management Studies-ISSN 2249-8834. EIJMMS, Vol 4 (8), August (2014), pp.34-44.
  • Manjeese Caleb, Mawere Talent,Sai Kundai Oliver,  Denhere Prosper Tafadzwa. A closer Look on the Awareness of Information Security amongst Zimbabwean Universities Staff: A case study of Great Zimbabwe University. Greener Journal Of Internet, Information and Communication Systems. ISSN: 2384-2373. Vol 2(1) pp. 001-010, April 2015.
  • Talent Mawere,  Prosper Tafadzwa Denhere,  Maxmillan Giyane , Tinomuda Mzikamwi , Paul Mupfiga . An Analysis of Mobile Adoption in Zimbabwe. JIARM, Vol 1  (8) Septmber 2013, ISSN: 2320-50883.
  • Batani John, Denhere Prosper Tafadzwa, Mawere Talent. The role of E-commerce in Rescusitating the economy of Zimbabwe. IJMBS. Vol 5. Issue2, April-June 2015. ISSN: 2230-9519 (Online) ISSN: 2231-2463 (Ptint).

Community Engagement Activities

  • Co-Patron of MSU Techub

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