Staff Profile

/Dr W Mudyanadzo
Dr W Mudyanadzo



  • BSc [Politics and Administration ] Hons  Degree ;1984-1986 ,Full time, UZ
  • Masters in Public Administration [MPA] degree ; 1987-1990 ,Part Time, UZ
  • PhD Studies [2011-2016], MSU.
  • Post-grad Cert in Security Sector Governance,2013-2014, Wits University

Professional Qualifications

  • Administration 1 & 11 courses ,conducted by the Public Service Commission ,Harare 1988
  • Diplomatic Course 1(6 Months) – 1989 Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,Harare
  • Diplomatic Course 11 (2Months) – 1992 Ministry of Foreign Affairs ,Harare
  • Trade & Investment Promotion Course, Victoria College of International Business, Melbourne ,Australia, 1994.

  Research Interests:

  • Public Policy
  • Diplomacy
  • Politics


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  • Mudyanadzo,W(2014) The Making of Zimbabwe’s National Security Policy through the Global Political Agreement: An analysis of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment [No.20] of 2013.Journal of Politics and Good Governance Vol.5,No.5.3 Quarter 111,2014.
  • Mudyanadzo, W(2015) Foundational steps towards articulating a National Security Policy for Zimbabwe: An Analysis of the Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment [No.20] of 2013,Zimbabwe Peace and Security Programme, Harare.
  • Mudyanadzo, W(2015) Building a Culture of Peace: Understanding the causes of intra-state conflicts in Zimbabwe in the context of the Human Security Agenda. A paper presented at the International Africa Peace and Security Education Conference, Bindura University of Science Education, Zimbabwe, July 2, 2015.
  • Mudyanadzo,W(2015)Towards Public Policy Reform in the Education Sector in Zimbabwe: The case for Special Needs Education involving children with Intellectual Disability and other Learning Difficulties. Malaysian Journal of Special Needs Education, Vol.5, 2015
  • Mudyanadzo,W & Nkomo,C(2016) Parliamentary Diplomacy as a critical component of Zimbabwean Foreign Policy; accepted for publication.

Community Engagement:

  • Board Member, Special Olympics Zimbabwe.
  • Coordinator of Politics and Public Management (PPM) Department Public Lecture Seminars.
  • Faculty Representative -International Relations Committee.
  • Patron of the Human Resources Management Society at Midlands State University with the responsibility for promoting debates and research on HR issues (2005-2009)
  • Patron of the Political Science Students Association(POSSA) at Midlands State University(2011 to the present)
  • Elections Verification Officer, Mkoba Command Centre,2013 General Elections
  • Acting Chairperson of the Department of Human Resource Management and the Dept of Politics and Public Management at MSU, between 2005-2015.
Special Assignments
  • 6 years experience as Deputy Ambassador/Head of Chancery at the Zimbabwe Embassy in Australia;also accredited to Singapore and New Zealand.
  • 10 years experience as a Political Officer/Desk Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Divisions of Administration/Finance, Africa and the Middle East, Western Europe and the Americas and Protocol.
  • Lecturer in Political Science/Public Management at UZ and MSU since 2001 to the present.