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/Dr Walter Mahohoma
Dr Walter Mahohoma

Senior Lecturer



  • PhD in Agronomy, University of Pretoria
  • MSc Agricultural Meteorology, University of Zimbabwe
  • BSc Agricultural Engineering, University of Zimbabwe

Research interests

  • Crop water relations
  • Irrigation agronomy and management
  • Remote sensing
  • Agronomic modelling


  • N Ngwenya, BT Manenji, T Madanzi, S Kudita, W Mahohoma (2016). Influence of maternal season on field establishment of sorghum varieties grown in Zimbabwe. Intern. J. Plant & Soil Sci. 11: 1-9.
  • Muhwiridzwa M, Manenji BT, Madanzi T, Mahohoma W (2016). Evaluating the Effects of chemical ripening with Fluazifop-p-butyl on sugarcane (Saccharumofficinarum) yield and sugar content. Intern. J. Plant & Soil Sci. 9: 1-8.
  • Taylor NJ, Mahohoma W, Gush MB, Annandale JG (2015). Crop coefficient approaches based on fixed estimates of leaf resistance are not appropriate for estimating water use of citrus. Irrig. Sci. 33:153–166.
  • Mahohoma W, Taylor NJ, Annandale JG, Gush MB (2010). Use of linear regression models to estimate missing heat pulse velocity data: A case study in two citrus cultivars. Acta Hort. 1007: 951-956.
  • Mahohoma W, Mashonjowa E, Dzikiti S, Chipindu B, MilfordJR, 2007.Automated irrigation scheduling in sugarcane (Saccarumofficinarum) under centre pivot. Proc. S. Afr. Technol. Ass. 81: 474-477.

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