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/Mrs Julien Serere Harusekwi
Mrs Julien Serere Harusekwi

Position: Lecturer

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  • Certificate (GTC)
  • Certificate Managing Nutrition and Health in Adverse Conditions (UNISA) Bed. Home Economics (UZ) MSc. Family and Consumer Sciences (Solusi)

Research Interests:

  • Nutrition and HIV and Food related issues
  • Food safety
  • Product development
  • Food Security, Maternal and Child nutrition.


  • Serere J.H. , Zengeni P., Usai T., Chinofunga D.,Nyamunda B.C. Adequacy of nutritional levels of local orphanage (Homes Gweru Zimbabwe). International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Research. Volume 1 Issue 1, September 2013
  • Serere J.H., Nyamunda B.C., Mutonodza B. Development of high protein content homemade bread by nutritional yeast fortification for disadvantaged communities. International Journal of Nutrition and food Sciences. May 2014
  • Serere J.H., Nemapare Patience. Development of Moringa Olefeira enriched muffins. International Journal of Nutrition and Food Sciences. March 2015. Development of Fermented corn and rapoko blend instant porridge (pending)

Workshops /Conferences attended:

  • The tenth Home Economics anniversary conference at the University of Botswana (2006).
  • Moving Zimbabwe forward workshop for enumerators ( 2009)
  • Scaling up Nutrition workshops Midlands Zimbabwe 2014 and 2015


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