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/Mrs Ngceboyakwethu P. Zinyama
Mrs Ngceboyakwethu P. Zinyama

Position: Lecturer

Department: Chemical Sciences
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  • MSc in Materials Chemistry (MSU, Zimbabwe)
  • BSc in Chemical Technology (MSU, Zimbabwe)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (MSU, Zimbabwe)

Research interests

  • Computational Chemistry,
  • Modelling of Breast Cancer drugs,
  • Materials Chemistry

List of Publications

    • Megnolia Chaduka, Upenyu Guyo, Ngceboyakwethu P Zinyama, Piwai Tshuma and Leah Matsinha (2020). Modeling and Optimization of Lead (II) Adsorption by a Novel Peanut Hull-g-Methyl Methacrylate Biopolymer Using Response Surface methodology (RSM), Analytical Letters, 53 (8),1294-1311.
    • Megnolia Chaduka, Upenyu Guyo and Ngceboyakwethu P Zinyama (2019).  Effect of aluminium triflate on Cd(II) recovery by peanut hull-g-methyl methacrylate: optimisation and modelling using a response surface methodology, International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry.
    • Sithulisiwe Ngwenya, Upenyu Guyo, Ngceboyakwethu P Zinyama, Fidelis Chigondo, Benias C Nyamunda and Netai Muchanyereyi (2019). Response surface methodology for optimization of Cd (II) adsorption from waste waters by fabricated tartaric acid-maize tassel magnetic hybrid sorbent, Biointerface research in applied chemistry, 9(4), 3996-4005.
    • Edith Sebata, Benias Nyamunda, Ngceboyakwethu P Zinyama, Upenyu Guyo and Mambo Moyo (2014). Removal of aqueous natural organic pollutants using mixed mining solid wastes : coal fly ash and iron sludge, International Journal of Scientific Research in Environmental Science, 2(6), 220–227.
    • Menala Kalumpha, Upenyu Guyo, Ngceboyakwethu P Zinyama, Felistus Muhle Vakira and Benias C Nyamunda (2020). Adsorptive potential of Zea Mays tassel activated carbon towards the removal of metformin hydrochloride from pharmaceutical effluent, International Journal of Phytoremediation, 22(2), 148-15
  • Shadrech Mandina, Marko Chigondo, Piwai Shoko, Ngceboyakwethu P Zinyama, Vitalis Chitsa, Maria N Muzondo, Damascus Masawi, Tafadzwa W Murinzi and Mambo Moyo (2014). Sorption of phenol from aqueous solution using chicken feathers, Midlands State University Journal of Science, Agriculture and Technology, 5(1), 5-22.
  • Mambo Moyo, Upenyu Guyo, Grace Mawenyiyo, Ngceboyakwethu P Zinyama and Benias C Nyamunda (2015). Marula seed husk (Sclerocarya birrea) biomass as a low cost biosorbent for removal of Pb(II) and Cu(II) from aqueous solution, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry, 27, 126–132. 
  • Upenyu Guyo, Ngceboyakwethu P Zinyama & Edith Sebata (2013). Utilization of low cost adipose tissue waste as a source of stearic acid for use in rubber activation, Engineering Science and Technology: An International Journal, 3(1), 94–100.

Membership to professional bodies  

  • Zimbabwe Chemical Society (ZCS)

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