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/Mrs Ngceboyakwethu P. Zinyama
Mrs Ngceboyakwethu P. Zinyama




  • MSc in Materials Chemistry (MSU, Zimbabwe)
  • BSc in Chemical Technology (MSU, Zimbabwe)
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Tertiary Education (MSU, Zimbabwe)

Research interests

Computational drug design, Breast Cancer, Fats and Oils, Photochromic Xerogels, Biosorption

Workshops attended

Hands-on training course in computational chemistry at the Zimbabwe Centre for High Performance Computing

List of Publications

  • Guyo, U., Zinyama, N. & Sebata, E., 2013. Utilization of low cost adipose tissue waste as a source of stearic acid for use in rubber activation. Engineering science and technology: an international journal, 3(1), pp.94–100.
  • Moyo, M., Guyo, U., Mawenyiyo, G., Zinyama N. P., Nyamunda, B., 2014. Marula seed husk (Sclerocarya birrea) biomass as a low cost biosorbent for removal of Pb(II) and Cu(II) from aqueous solution. Journal of industrial and engineering chemistry, 27, pp.126–132.
  • Sebata, E., Nyamunda, B., Zinyama, N. P., Guyo, U., Moyo, M., 2014. Removal of aqueous natural organic pollutants using mixed mining solid wastes : coal fly ash and iron sludge. International journal of scientific research in environmental science 2(6), pp.220–227.

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