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/Mrs Neddie Ncube
Mrs Neddie Ncube

Position: Lecturer

Department: Applied Psychology
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  • MSc Community Psychology (Midlands State University)
  • Post Graduate Diploma In Tertiary Education (Midlands State University)
  • BSc Honours Psychology (Zimbabwe Open University)
  • BSc Psychology (Zimbabwe Open University)
  • Certificate In Education (Secondary, Science) (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Candidate : PhD in Psychology

Research Interests:

  • Human Abusive Behaviours,
  • Marginalised And Special Populations
  • Human Developmental Issues


  • Ncube, N. (2017). Pathways to institutional care for elderly indigenous Africans : Navigating contours of alternatives. African Journal of Social Work (AJSW), Volume 7 Number 1
  • Ncube, N. (2017). “Breaking the silence” : Determinants of under-reporting of intimate-partner violence (IPV) among women survivors in Gweru urban, Zimbabwe. International Journal of Innovative Research & Development (IJIRD), Vol 6, Issue 6, June pp 45-51, DOI No. 10.24940/ijird/2017/v6/i6/JUN17002
  • Ncube, N.(2015). Perceived school climate factors of bullying among Gweru urban High school adolescents : Indications for intervention. Dyke Journal of the Midlands State University, Vol. 9 No. 2.
  • Ncube, N. (2013). The family system as a socio-ecological determinant of bullying among urban High school adolescents in Gweru, Zimbabwe : Implications for intervention. Asian Social Science Journal, Vol 9, No. 17. doi : 10.5539/ass.v9n17p1. URL :

Community Engagement : Offer free psychological counselling services to members of the Senga Women’s Fellowship

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