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/Ms Charity Mhaka
Ms Charity Mhaka



  • BCom (MSU)
  • MCom (MSU)
  • ICPA

Research Interests:

  • Financial reporting
  • Financial management
  • Ethical behaviour


  • Finding a balance between substantive equality and sustainable economic growth: a Zimbabwean perspective compared to other countries (2014): Research Academy of social sciences ,Journal of social economics.Journal 0f social economics vol.2,No. 1,2014,16-24Mhaka C, Nyamwanza L, & Makaza Fainos
  • IPSAS, a guaranteed way of quality government financial reporting?: A comparative analysis of the existing cash accounting and IPSAS based accounting reporting. Research academy of social sciences, International journal of financial economics. International Journal of Financial Economics. 3,No.3, 2014,134-141. Mhaka C
  • Zimbabwean Government Initiatives for Widening Revenue Base: A Comparison of the Existing and Proposed Income Tax Act. Research academy of social sciences, International journal of financial economics. Vol. 2, No. 4, 2014, 208-214 Mashiri E, Nyamwanza L & Mhaka C
  • Meeting the funding gap in urban local authorities in zimbabwe-a case study of gweru city councils. Journal of International Academic Research for Multidisciplinary. JIARM volume 1 issue of (September 2013) ISSN 2320-5085. Mamboko P,Tsokota T, Giyane M & Mhaka C
  • Pension Fund size (asset size) and fund investment performance in Zimbabwe: Does size really matter?International journal of business management (paper accepted see attachment) Mhaka S, and Mhaka C and Nyamwanza L
  • An evaluation of the policies by the government of Zimbabwe in promoting survival and growth of SMEs. International Journal of Novel Research in Marketing Management and Economics. Volume 2 issue 2 (2015) .Nyamwanza L, Paketh L,Mhaka C,Makaza F and Moyo N
  • IT Governance: Status and level of implementation in Zimbabwe Local Authorities. European Journal of Business and Management. Volume 7, No.1 (2015) Patrick Mamboko, Munyaradzi Zhou, Theo Tsokota and Charity Mhaka.
  • Why mergers for Zimbabwean insurances companies are not attractive. International journal of innovative research and development. Vol, 4, issue 8 (july,. 2015) Makaza F,Mhaka C, Nyamwanza L and Masiiwa S

Community Engagement:

  • Graduate Employment Committee.

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