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/Dr Edith Dube
Dr Edith Dube

Position: Lecturer

Department: Chemical Sciences
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  • PhD Chemistry (Rhodes)
  • MSc Chemistry (UKZN)
  • BSc Chemical Technology (MSU) 

Research Interests

  • Organic synthesis
  • Design and synthesis of nanomaterials 
  • Medicinal Chemistry.
  • Fabrication of sensors


  • Edith Dube, Tebello Nyokong,. Effect of gold nanoparticles shape and size on the photophysicochemical behaviour of symmetric and asymmetric zinc phthalocyanines, J. Luminescence, 205 (2019) 532-539. 
  • Edith Dube, David O. Oluwole, Nwaji Njemuwa, Earl Prinsloo, Tebello Nyokong, Photophysicochemical and photodynamic therapy properties of metallophthalocyanines linked to gold speckled silica nanoparticles, Photodyagnosis and photodyanamic therapy, 25 (2019) 325-333.
  • Edith Dube, Tebello Nyokong, Effect of gold nanoparticle shape on the photophysicochemical properties of sulphur containing metallophthalocyanines, Journal of Molecular Structure 1181 (2019) 312-320.
  • Edith Dube, David O. Oluwole, Tebello Nyokong, Improved photophysical and photochemical properties of thiophene ethoxy substituted metallophthalocyanines on immobilization with gold–speckled silica nanoparticles, Photochemistry Photobiology 94 (2018) 521-531.
  • Edith Dube, David O. Oluwole, Nwaji Njemuwa, Tebello Nyokong, Glycosylated zinc phthalocyanine-gold nanoparticle conjugates for photodynamic therapy: Effect of nanoparticle shape, Spectrochim Acta, 203 (2018) 85-95
  • Edith Dube, David O. Oluwole, E. Prinsloo, Tebello Nyokong, Gold–chitosan composite with low symmetry zinc phthalocyanine for enhanced singlet oxygen generation and improved photodynamic therapy activity, New J. Chem. 42 (2018) 10214-10225.
  • Edith Dube, Nwaji Njemuwa, John Mack, Tebello Nyokong, Photophysicochemical behavior of symmetric and asymmetric zinc phthalocyanines, surface assembled onto gold nanotriangles, New J. Chem, 42 (2018) 14290-14299.
  • David O. Oluwole, Fatma A.  Sarı, Earl Prinsloo, Edith Dube, Abdulcelil C. Yuzer, Tebello Nyokong, Mine Ince, Photophysicochemical properties and photodynamic therapy activity of highly water-soluble Zn(II) Phthalocyanines, Spectrochim Acta: A. 203 (2018) 236-243.
  • David O. Oluwole, Nwaji Njemuwa, Lindokuhle C. Nene, Lesedi Mokone, Edith Dube, T. Nyokong, Novel nano–dyad of homoleptic sandwich–type phthalocyanines with nitrogen doped graphene quantum dots for nonlinear optics, New J Chem. 42 (2018) 10124-10133.
  • Edith Dube, David O. Oluwole, Tebello Nyokong Photophysicochemical behaviour of anionic indium phthalocyanine when grafted onto AgxAuy and porous silica nanoparticles, J. Luminescence, 190 (2017) 353-363.
  • Edith Dube, Nwaji Njemuwa, David O. Oluwole, John Mack, Tebello Nyokong, Investigation of photophysicochemical properties of zinc phthalocyanines conjugated to metallic nanoparticles, J. Photochem. Photobiol A. 349 (2017) 148-161 (Invited Feature article).
  • Mambo Moyo,  Sikwila Thokozani Lindiwe, Edith Sebata, Benias Chomunorwa Nyamunda, Upenyu Guyo, Equilibrium, kinetic, and thermodynamic studies on biosorption of Cd(II) from aqueous solution by biochar, Res Chem Intermed, 42 (2016)1349-1362.
  • Mambo Moyo, George Nyamhere, Edith Sebata, Upenyu Guyo, Kinetic and equilibrium modelling of lead sorption from aqueous solution by activated carbon from goat dung, Desalin. Water Treat. 57 (2016) 765-775.
  • Fidelis Chigondo, Shadreck Mandina, Munyaradzi Shumba, Benias Chamunorwa Nyamunda, Edith Sebata, Removal of chromium (vi) from aqueous solution using chemically modified orange (citrus cinensis) peel, Journal of Applied Chemistry,  6 (2013) 66-75.
  • U Guyo, K Sibanda, E Sebata Removal of nickel (II) from aqueous solution by Vigna unguiculata (cowpea) pods biomassWater Science and Technology, (2016) 2301-2310
  • F. Chigondo, E. Sebata, A. Maringe, M. Moyo, B. C. Nyamunda Equilibrium studies for the removal of nitrates from aqueous solutions using acid treated sunflower seed husk (Helianthus annus), Midlands State University Journal of Science, Agriculture and Technology, 4 (2013)  32-43.
  • E. Sebata, M. Moyo, U.Guyo,  N.P. Ngano, B. C. Nyamunda, F. Chigondo, V. Chitsa and M. Shumba Adsorptive removal of atrazine from aqueous solutions using Bambara Groundnut Hulls (Vigna Subterranean). International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology. 2 (2013)  312-321. 
  • M. Moyo, A. Maringe, F. Chigondo, B. C. Nyamunda E. Sebata, M. Shumba Adsorptive Removal of Nitrate Ions from Aqueous Solutions Using Acid Treated Sunflower Seed Husk (Helianthus annuus), International Journal of Advances in Science and Technology, 5 ( 2012) 47-57.
  • M. Shumba, M.  Chigondo, U.Guyo,  F. Chigondo, M. Moyo, T. Nharingo, E. Sebata, Synthesis of Zeolites and their application in heavy metals removal: A review. Engineering Science and Technology: An International Journal (2011)  

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