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/Dr Eukeria Mashiri
Dr Eukeria Mashiri

Position: Lecturer

Department: Accounting
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  •  Mcom Accounting (MSU)
  • BCom  Accounting, Hons (MSU)
  • PDTE (MSU)


  • PAAB

 Research Interests

  •  Transfer Pricing,
  • Taxation,
  • Financial Inclusion




  •  Mashiri, E, Makumbe Chenjerai, M & Mutandwa, L. 2012. Tax Made Easy. A Students Guide to Taxation. Volume 2. Booklove Publishers. Mambo Press
  •  Makumbe Chenjerai, M, Mashiri, E & Mutandwa, L. 2012. Tax Made Easy. A Students Guide to Taxation. Volume 1. Booklove Publishers. Mambo Press


  •  Mugwati, M, Nkala, D and Mashiri, E. 2016. Experiences in the Zimbabwe Hotel Industry during Hyperinflation. In Economic Management in a Hyperinflationary Environment: The political economy of Zimbabwe 1980-2008. Oxford, USA
  •  Mashiri, E and Sebele-Mpofu, F, Y. 2015. Illicit trade, economic growth and the role of customs: A literature review. World Customs Journal. Volume 9. No 2, pp 38-50
  • Mashiri, E & Sebele, F. 2014. Diversification as a corporate strategy and its effect on firm performance- A study of Zimbabwean listed conglomerates in the food and beverages sector. International Journal of Economics and Finance. Vol 6. No 5
  • Mashiri, E, Nyamwanza L, & Mhaka, C. 2014. Zimbabwean Government Initiatives for Widening Revenue Base: A comparison of the existing and proposed Income Tax Act. International Journal of Financial Economics. Vol 2. No 4. 208-214
  • Nkala, D, Mashiri, E and Mugwati, M. 2014. Zimbabwe Economic Crisis: The social dimension of the crisis. Journal of Social Economics. Volume 1, No 4, pp 193-208
  •  Mashiri, E. 2013. First and Final Year Undergraduate Students’ Academic use of internet. Case of a Zimbabwean University. Information and knowledge management. Vol 3. No 10
  •  Utaumire, B, Mashiri, E & Mazhindu, K. 2013. Effectiveness of the presumptive tax system in Zimbabwe: case of ZIMRA Region one”. Research Journal of Finance and Accounting. Vol 4. No 7


Community Engagement

  • Health and Safety Committee
  • Website Committee
  • Alumni Committee
  • Studies termination Committee
  • Student Benevolent Fund



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