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/Ms Moreblessings Shoko
Ms Moreblessings Shoko

Senior Lecturer



  • Masters in Geo-Information Science for Earth Observation : Geomatics  (University of Twente, Netherlands)
  • Master In Business Administration (ZOU, Zimbabawe)
  • BSc (Honours) in Surveying and Geomatics (MSU)

Current Studies:

  • PhD candidate with the Geomatics Division, University of Cape Town

Research Interests:

  • building detection,
  • LiDAR,
  • three dimensional modelling,
  • urban applications of remote sensing and photogrammetry



  • Spatial data infrastructure-the missing piece in Zimbabwe’s economic recovery; Shoko M., Njike D, Proceedings of the 1st Advances in Geomatics Research Conference, 3rd – 4th August, 2011: Kampala, Uganda. Pp 186 – 194. ISBN: 9789970167012
  • Our pocket sized world-Photogrammetry and Remote sensing for young Geo-professionals; Shoko M., GIM,2009
  • A summer of love- for young people interested in a Geomatics career; Shoko M., GIM, 2009
  • Agent based modelling in the study of slum settlements; Shoko M., Smit JL., South African Journal of Geomatics, volume 2, 2013
  • The evolution of geomatics education in Zimbabwe; Shoko M., Useya J., Senderayi LT., SciTechnol International Journal, 2014
  • Application of Remote Sensing in time series study of Mafungabusi Forest; Chinofunga A., Shoko M, Zimbabwe International Research Symposium 9 Edition Book of Proceedings , 2013
  • Detection of collapsed buildings by classifying segmented airborne laser scanner data; Oude Elberink S. , Shoko M.,, Fathi SA. , Rutzinger M., International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume XXXVIII-5/W12, 2011 ISPRS Calgary 2011 Workshop, 29-31 August 2011, Calgary, Canada

Community Engangement:

  • University construction projects, Pricing commitee

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