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/Dr Ropafadzo S Tshalibe
Dr Ropafadzo S Tshalibe

Position: Lecturer

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  •  PGDTE(MSU),
  • MSc Food Science and Nutrition (MSU),
  • BSc (Hons) Food Science and Nutrition (MSU),
  • International Standards for Anthropometry level 1 certified,
  • Oxford English for academic purposes course.

Research Interest:

  • Mycotoxin risk assessment,
  • Food systems,
  • Food product development,
  • Programme management,
  • Biofortication,
  • Therapeutic and sustainable diets,
  • Public Health Nutrition,
  • Adolescent nutritional status and infant and young child growth.


  • Tshalibe R.S., Usai T.,Nyamunda B. and Manhokwe S. (2013) Development of High Protein Flour Using Cow Pea. International Journal of Engineering and Science, Vol. 3(6), pp 07–13
  • Tshalibe R.S., Usai T. and Nyamunda B.C., (2013) State of Malnutrition Amongst Adolescents In A Peri Urban Area., Global Journal of Engineering ,Design and Technology ,Vol 2(4), pp 29-32.
  • Usai T., Nyamunda B.C., Tshalibe R.S., Maisiri M.K.,(2013), Spoilage of Sterilised Milk From A Local Dairy Manufacturing Company, International Journal of Medical and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research,Vol1(2),pp 1-18.
  • Usai T.,Tshalibe R.S. and Nyamunda B.C., ( 2013),Blood Stained Contaminated Milk From Local Dairy Farms,International Journal of Innovative Research in Technology and Science,Vol 1 (4) pp 55-59.
  • Usai T. , Tshalibe R.S. and Nyamunda B.C.,(2013) Prevalence of Lactic Acidosis Syndrome in People Taking Antiretroviral Drugs at a Local Health Center, International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications, Vol 3(4),pp 1768-1771.
  • Usai T.,Mutonhoza B..Makamure C.,Tshalibe R.S.and Chinofunga D.,(2013),Hygiene For Preparation Of Infant Formular In A Developing Country, International Journal Of Science and Technology Research, Vol 2(9),pp 1-5.
  • Tshalibe R.S, Ndlovu N, Usai T., Makamure C.,Chinofunga D.,.Mutonhodza B and. Kawadza S.T, 2014, Overweight and Obesity Categories of Residents in A Local Urban Area, Journal of Environmental Science, Toxicology and Food Technology, 8( 2)  , 77-81
  • Tshalibe R.S., Gudyanga E., Gudyanga A., Gudyanga N.S., 2015, Factors contributing to lower than expected recovery rates of HIV negative infants on the therapeutic feeding Programme, American Journal of Health Research,  3 (1),  24-36

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