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/Professor A S Chiromo
Professor A S Chiromo

Position: Executive Dean


  • Certificate in Education (University of Zimbabwe)
  • Bachelor of Education in Biology (University of Zimbabwe)
  •  Master of Education in Teacher Education (University of Zimbabwe)
  •  Doctor of Philosophy in Science Education (University of Zimbabwe).

Research Interests:

  • Science teaching and learning in primary and secondary schools
  •  Science education and culture
  •  Teacher professional development



  • Chiromo, A.S. (2006). Research Methods and Statistics in Education: A Students’ Guide. Amadi Press: Mbabane.
  • Chiromo, A. S. (2007). A History Teacher Education in Zimbabwe: 1939-1999 University of Zimbabwe Publications, Harare.
  • Chiromo. A.S., Marimo,S.T., Chiheve, H., Munanga, E, & Nyoni, E. (2011). Assessment and Evaluation Techniques in Education : A guide for undergraduate students. Book love Publishers, Gweru.

Chapters in books.

  • Chiromo, A.S. (2011). Opportunities for curriculum reform in Zimbabwe .In B.C. Chisaka (ed) State of the Zimbabwean Education Sector in the 21st century. Human Resources Research Centre, Harare.
  • Chiromo.A.S. (2012). Science and Culture. In Zvobgo, R.J.(ed) Contemporary issues in Education. College Press: Harare.

Articles published in refereed journals

  • Chiromo, A. S. (1997). The role of student teachers’ observations in the development of their teaching skills during teaching practice. The Zimbabwe Bulletin of Teacher Education. 5(3), 62-68.
  • Chiromo, A. S. (1999). Teacher Education Courses in relation to preparation for teaching practice. Zimbabwe Journal of Educational Research. 11(1), 59-69.
  • Chiromo, A. S. (1999). Models of teaching practice since Zimbabwean independence: A critical review. The Zimbabwe Bulletin of Teacher Education. 8(3), 49-64.
  • Chiromo, A. S. (2000). The relationship between student teachers’ performance in Teaching Practice, Theory of Education, Professional Studies and Main Teaching Subject. The Zimbabwe Bulletin of Teacher Education. 9(2), 1-11.
  • Chiromo, A. S. (2001). Zimbabwean students’ conceptions of selected ecological concepts. Journal of the Southern Africa Association for Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education. Vol. 5, pp. 85-98.
  • Chiromo, A. S. (2001). The extent to which secondary school science teachers base their teaching on primary school science: The Zimbabwean experience. CASTME Journal, 21(3)
  • Chiromo, A. S. (2002). Misconceptions about Photosynthesis and Respiration held by “O” level students in Gweru urban high schools. Zimbabwe Journal of Education Research. 14(2)
  • Chiromo, A.S. (2003). Conceptions of animals held by some primary school pupils in Gweru urban district .University of Swaziland Research Journal, Vol.17 p.60-66.
  • Chiromo, A.S. (2004) Teaching Practice supervision at Midlands State University: Views from Post Graduate Diploma in Education students. The Dyke: A journal of Midlands State University. Vol.1 (1) p. 81-89.
  • Chiromo, A.S.(2004) The effects of Socio-cultural beliefs on Science Education in African countries: Implication s for science teaching. Indilinga : Journal of African Indigenous Knowledge Systems.Vol.3(2), pp126-133.
  • Chiromo, A.S. (2005). Teaching Environmental Science in Zimbabwean Primary Schools: Challenges and possible solutions. Uganda Journal of Education. Vol 3 (1), 24-44.
  • Chiromo, A.S. (2007). Indigenous and western science education: views from Zimbawean science teachers. Indilinga : Journal of African Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Vol 6 (2), 12-30.
  • Chiromo, A.S. (2007). Research Ethics: Do researchers practise what they preach? UNISWA Research Journal, 21 pp 30-37.
  • Chiromo, A.S. (2007). Contexualisation of the Biology curriculum: A case of the uro-genital system. African Journal of Research in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education. Vol, 3 (1), 15-30.
  • Chiromo,A.S. (2008). Academic publishing demystified. The Dyke: A journal of Midlands State University. Vol.3 (i), 1-6.
  • Chiromo,A.S. (2010). Challenges of Science Teaching and Learning in Zimbabwean Secondary Schools. UNISWA RESEARCH JOURNAL , Vol. 8 (2), 33-49.
  • Chiromo. A.S. (2011). Secondary school students’ conceptions of the human reproductive system: A case of rural day secondary students in Gweru district of Zimbabwe. Journal of Zimbabwe Studies: Arts, Humanities and Education. Vol. 1(1), 14-31.
  • Chiromo, A.S., Mutemeri, J., & Mawere, D. (2013). Stakeholders’ perceptions about causes of students’ poor performance in secondary schools in the Lower Gweru circuit in Zimbabwe. The Dyke: A journal of Midlands State University. Vol.7 (i), 49-70.

Community Engagement Activities

Editor-in-Chief of The Dyke: A journal of Midlands State University (2007 to 2010)

Edited the following issues of The DYKE;

  • Volume 2(1)
  • Volume 2(2)
  • Volume 3(1)
  • Volume 3(2)
  • Volume 4(1)


  • Member of the Midlands State University Research board from April 2000 to April 2002.
  • Chairperson of the Midlands State University Research board from April 2002 to April 2006.
  • Initiated the drafting of the Research Board guidelines that are currently in use.
  • A reviewer for journal articles for UNISWA RESEARCH JOURNAL.
  • A reviewer for journal articles for the ZIMBABWE BULLETIN OF TEACHER EDUCATION.

External Assessment

External Examiner for:

  • Mkoba Teachers’ College (2001-2005)
  • United College of Education ( 2003-2005)
  • Great Zimbabwe University (2007-2008)
  • Bindura University of Science Education (2010 to date)
  • Chinhoyi University of Technology (2011 to date)
  • University of Botswana (2015 to date)

University Committees

Member of the following University committees:

  • Council
  • Finance committee
  • Nominations and Human Resources Committee
  • Executive Committee of Council
  • Senate
  • Academic Board
  • Deans’ Committee on Academic Regulations

Work Related Learning Committee

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