Midlands State University has experts who play a leading role in driving research in diverse areas as given below:


Prof Victor Ngonidzashe Muzvidziwa



·       Livelihoods

·       Gender

·       Migration, Housing and Leadership Studies


Prof Kadmiel Wekwete




·       Local Governance

.       Local development

.        Physical planning


Prof Doreen Zandile Moyo

·       Animal Parasitology

Prof Ngwabi Mulunge Bhebe

·       African History
Prof Albert Chawanda  

·       Electronic Materials and Thin Films


Prof Advice Viriri

·       Africa Literature and Theatre

Prof Laurine Chikoko





·       Liquidity Risk Management

·       Financial Inclusion

·       Monetary and Fiscal Policy

·       Micro Lending

·       Financial Markets


Prof Efiritha Chauraya 

·       Gender Based violence

·       Gender and Curriculum

.      Gender and Higher Education Teacher



Prof William Lungisani Chigidi ·       Indigenous Knowledge Systems

·       African Culture.

·       African Literature




Prof Percyslage Chigora


·       Foreign Policy

·       Elections and Electoral Systems

·       Land Reform

·       Regional Integration

·       African Politics


Prof Alois Solomon Chiromo



.      Science teaching and learning in primary and

secondary schools

.     Science education and culture

.     Teacher professional development

Prof Chipo Hungwe




·       Labour Migration

·       Gender

·       Work, Survival Strategies and Employee Diversity


Prof Tasiyana Javangwe


·       Postcolonial Identities

·       Life Narrative and Diasporic Narratives



Prof Steven Jerie


·       Occupational Safety and Health Management

·       Waste Management and Climate change.




Prof Andrew Tichaenzana Manyawu


·       Textual linguistics

·       Communication Strategies Language Education

·       Language Policy and Planning

·       Language and Social Life

Prof Ezron Mangwaya





·        Curriculum implementation

·       Curriculum policy

·       Curriculum planning and development

·        Early childhood education

·       Teacher education


Prof Jephias Matunhu


·     Global Development

·     Poverty and Environmental Management for

Sustainable Rural Development


Prof Gerald Chikozho Mazarire



·       African History



Prof Mark Matsa


·       Climate Change and Sustainable Community


·       Land Cover and Land Use Changes

·       Water Resources Management

·       Food Security and Agricultural Science

·       Waste Management

·       Migration, Gender and the Environment

Prof Johnson Masaka ·       Land Resources Survey Methodology

·       Soil Fertility and Plant Mineral Nutrition

·       Soil Science


Prof Mambo  Moyo


.          Electrochemical Sensors for Environmental




Prof Adelade  Munodawafa


·       Climate Change and Agriculture,

·       Land Degradation and Environmental Science




Prof Hazel Tafadzwa Ngoshi


·       Nationalism

·       Autobiographical Writing

·       Gender


Prof Vongai Zvidenga Nyawo




·       Land Reform

·       Food Security

·       Land and Governance

·       Climate Change


Prof Nhamo Anthony Mhiripiri



·       Media Law

·       Policy and Ethics

·       Film and Video Studies and Visual Anthropology

·        Political Economy of the Media and Cultural


Prof Nyamwanza Tonderai  

·       Strategy and Entrepreneurship

Prof Charles Tembo  

·       Comparative Literature


Prof Cuthbeth Tagwirei

·       Literacy and Cultural Studies