Established in 2017, the Midlands State University Incubation Hub (MSU Hub) is a dynamic and progressive business development hub. We are passionate about creating physical and virtual platforms that support entrepreneurs, SMEs and the community to develop sustainable business ventures.

An Incubation Hub is a collaborative and entrepreneurial facility that supports the development of ideas from basic concepts, into viable business ventures. It is specifically designed to foster entrepreneurship and small business development during the critical start-up phase. The MSU Incubation Hub is a strategic business unit of the University whose initiative falls within the Ministry’s Education 5.0

Incubation Model

The Hub uses the MSU Hub Hybrid Model a unique, and home-grown incubation model developed at the University to suit the Zimbabwean social and economic environment. The Model is a modified version of the Chandra and Chao Incubation Model. The Hub operates as a “Mixed Use” Incubator, using a “Hybrid” approach to serve technology and non-technology business ventures. The Hybrid Model conceptualises the Hub as the moderator of the flow of resources such as funding, and knowledge between the Government, Cooperates, Clients, Community and the Innovation Ecosystem. The Model views the Incubation Hub as a moderator of resources and as the agent for monitoring and evaluation in the Incubation cycle.


To be the leader in University-based business incubation and foster the growth and development of new products and services through innovation, commercialisation and industrialisation.


To develop and support new business ventures which can create employment in specific sectors through commercialisation and industrialisation of innovative University research output and other market-related business opportunities.


To establish strong relationships among academic departments, corporate and technical partners and a multi-disciplinary innovation Hub team in the development of new products and services at Midlands State University.


  • To develop life-changing solutions that promote social and economic development at MSU.
  • To coordinate and ensure that innovators develop comprehensive business plans and strategies for commercialisation.
  • To assist innovators with the implementation of project incubation plans.
  • To develop monitoring and evaluation systems that will sustain and improve the quality of services and products.
  • To sensitize University Community on the mandate of the Hub.