The International Relations Office in conjunction with the Division of Students Affairs, hosted a successful commemoration of Namibia’s Independence day on the 21st of March 2017. The colourful event was held at the Midlands State University Gweru campus. The glowing smiles on the faces of the students from Namibia proved beyond doubt, the unparalleled Zimbabwean hospitality.

Alumni members from the Windhoek chapter supported the funfilled event through social media posts on the alma matter platforms. The Namibian students expressed gratitude for the continuous hospitality shown to them by Midlands State University. A representative of the students, Mr. Mwashindongwe stated, “We had not expected the event (independence celebrations) to be this magnificent. The University is constantly considering the international community time and again.”

Key note speaker at the event, Midlands State University Acting Dean of International Relations, Mr. Peter Mandava highlighted the essence of Pan Africanism in today’s youthful community. In a speech filled with the history of Namibia the Dean went on to urge the current crop of students to take a leaf from the founding fathers of Africa in sharing the African communion. Mr.Mandava emphasized that Midlands State university keeps setting the pace in providing the ‘’Model Africa’’, a home away from home for all its international students.

The Independence celebration came barely three months after Zimbabwe’s premier University hosted more than ten African countries during the 9th Pan African Universities Debate Championship at the Gweru campus, marking its territory on the international spectrum.

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