To be the premier university-based research institution championing positive changes to society.


To lead, integrate and deliver multidisciplinary researches that address national development priorities in water bodies, environment, agriculture, fisheries, energy, livelihoods, climate change, and rural and urban development. In executing this mission, the Institute provides learning and training opportunities to local and international researchers under the mentorship of qualified scientists.

Core Values

  • Excellence – Conduct innovative researches and publish research results of indisputable value.
  • Innovation – Introduce visionary solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.
  • Integrity – Create an environment that fosters dedication to ethical research practices and scientific processes.
  • Collaboration – Promote collaboration among colleagues and with partners.
  • Impact – Be results-oriented and provide solutions to emerging problems, ensuring alignment with national priorities.

Overarching Goal

To produce world-class multidisciplinary research achievements in national and regional development priorities in collaboration with public and private players.


  • To undertake researches and implement community engagement projects
  • To prepare and publish research highlights in MSU-TMMRI Multidisciplinary Journal and in other top-notch journal outlets
  • Provide a fully integrated and sustainable information repository
  • Support national development policies and strategies
  • To monitor effects of water bodies on geology and climate
  • To establish a museum on site

  Guiding Dictum

Research Innovates, Informs and Transforms