The Midlands State University Multidisciplinary Research Institute, hereinafter referred to as MSU TMMRI, was established in March 2018 under President Emerson Mnangagwa’s 100-day quick wins. The Institute shall be established in Tugwi-Mukosi River basin, part of which shall be at the water front. The interim address is:

The Director,

MSU Tugwi-Mukosi Multidisciplinary Research Institute,

Midlands State University,

Zvishavane Campus,

Office 01,

Private Bag 100,


Republic of Zimbabwe.

Tel 263 54 60450,

Fax 263 54 60708.


To be the premier university-based research institution championing positive changes to the lives of local communities and society.


To lead, integrate and deliver multidisciplinary researches that address national development priorities in water, environment, agriculture, fisheries, energy, livelihoods, and rural development. In executing this mission, the MSU-TMMRI is committed to providing learning and training opportunities to local and international researchers under the mentorship of qualified scientists.


  • Excellence – Conduct innovative researches and publish research results of indisputable value.
  • Innovation – Introduce visionary solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.
  • Integrity – Create an environment that fosters dedication to honest and ethical research practices and scientific processes.
  • Leadership – Provide leadership in our areas of expertise to international research communities and local society.
  • Collaboration – Promote collaboration among colleagues and with partners.
  • Impact – be results-oriented and provide solutions to emerging problems, ensuring alignment with national priorities.


The general aim of the Institute is to produce world-class multidisciplinary research achievements in national and regional development priorities such as water, agriculture, rural development, environment, and society.  This is to be achieved through pursuance of the following specific objectives;

  1. To promote Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) driven research agenda.
  1. To strengthen the technical base for research and its relevance through technical support and training.
  2. To strengthen and diversify research agenda for socio-politico-economic, environmental sustainability.
  3. To accommodate the diversity in research and encourage problem-specific and creative research to address national and regional development priorities.
  4. To establish links with national and international research institutions, industry and commerce, and such other sectors towards solving developmental challenges.



The mandates of the MSU-TMMRI are:

  1. Prepare research proposals for external funding and implementation by qualified personnel.
  2. Prepare and publish research highlights in the MSU-TMMRI Interdisciplinary Journal and in other top-notch journal outlets.
  3. Organise seminars and workshops in and around national socio-economic development imperatives.
  1. Provide a fully-integrated and sustainable information repository, tailored to the needs of individuals and organisations involved in interdisciplinary research
  2. Support national policies and strategies for national and regional development
  3. To monitor effects of the lake on geology and climate
  4. To establish a museum on site

Current Activities

6 research teams are conducting baseline studies of Tugwi Mukosi river basin

Upcoming events

Conference on Dams, Society and Environment – 18 to 19 October 2018 at Midlands State University, Gweru

Donations and inquiries:

Contact the Acting Director on