Acting Director: Prof Jephias Matunhu (PhD)

Brief Introduction


Investment in water bodies is essential for poverty eradication and sustainable socio-economic prosperity. They (water bodies) support industrialisation, irrigation, fisheries, hydroelectric power generation, tourism and revitalisation of climate-change ravaged ecological setups. Government of Zimbabwe has slated dam construction as one of its development priorities. Tugwi-Mukosi River basin in Masvingo Province is one such investment. The Basin has a catchment area of 7 120km2 and water carrying capacity of 1 915 000 cubic metres. This well celebrated investment is not devoid of challenges. First, it created internally displaced persons.  Second, it is linked to new disease ecologies such as schistosomiasis, malaria, and water borne diseases. Third, the proposed game reserve is likely to bring about human-wildlife conflict. Fourth, seismic earth tremors cannot be ruled out. Society need reliable information about the dam. The MSU-Tugwi Mukosi Multi-Disciplinary Research Institute (MSU-TMMRI) was established in 2018 to generate and disseminate continuous valid information on social, economic, political, industrial and environmental impact of the dam on society.



To be the premier university-based research institution championing positive changes to society.


To lead, integrate and deliver multidisciplinary researches that address national development priorities in water bodies, environment, agriculture, fisheries, energy, livelihoods, climate change, and rural and urban development. In executing this mission, the Institute provides learning and training opportunities to local and international researchers under the mentorship of qualified scientists.

Core Values

  • Excellence – Conduct innovative researches and publish research results of indisputable value.
  • Innovation – Introduce visionary solutions to social, economic and environmental challenges.
  • Integrity – Create an environment that fosters dedication to ethical research practices and scientific processes.
  • Collaboration – Promote collaboration among colleagues and with partners.
  • Impact – Be results-oriented and provide solutions to emerging problems, ensuring alignment with national priorities.

Overarching Goal

To produce world-class multidisciplinary research achievements in national and regional development priorities in collaboration with public and private players.


  • To undertake researches and implement community engagement projects
  • To prepare and publish research highlights in MSU-TMMRI Multidisciplinary Journal and in other top-notch journal outlets
  • Provide a fully integrated and sustainable information repository
  • Support national development policies and strategies
  • To monitor effects of water bodies on geology and climate
  • To establish a museum on site

  Guiding Dictum

Research Innovates, Informs and Transforms

Recent Activities

  • Baseline studies on Tugwi Mukosi dam were conducted between June 2018 and October 2018
  • International Conference on Dams, Society and Environment was hosted on 19 and 20 October 2018 at Midlands State University in collaboration with MSU Faculty of Arts



Midlands State University (MSU)
Tugwi-Mukosi Multidisciplinary Research Institute
Zvishavane Campus
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