Zimbabwe is a relatively safe country and MSU campuses are among the safest in the world. However, it is well known that an area with a large student population is a prime target for criminals. Let us therefore take a moment to talk about your safety and security. This guide provides you with some valuable tips to ensure you remain as safe as possible at all times. For a more comprehensive guide, please refer to MSU Security Office notices.

  • Look out for loiterers and never carry large amounts of money.
  • Never travel alone at night or walk outside campus late at night, especially if you are a woman.
  • Do not carry cell phones attached to belts, because thieves could target you.
  • Never carry anything of value that you cannot afford to lose unless absolutely necessary.
  • Never carry valuable items when shopping. Carry a purse that could be placed in a shopping bag.
  • If you have to walk at night, use well-lit busy streets and avoid dark areas.
  • Walk in the middle of the pavement and never wander around in deserted areas.
  • Never hitchhike or allow a stranger to pick you up.
  • Always walk in the direction of oncoming traffic.
  • Get off your phone, get off social media and do not listen to music when walking in the streets.
  • Beware of people approaching you for information. Keep them at a safe distance.
  • Make sure there are other people around when you wait for a bus or taxi. If the area is dark or deserted, rather wait near an occupied building or in a brightly lit area until you find transport.
  • As soon as you get onto a bus or taxi, be aware of the people around you. If anyone behaves suspiciously, drop off at the nearest safe place and call the IRO.
  • If the bus or taxi is empty or almost empty, try to sit as close to the driver as possible.
  • When you reach your destination, take note of the people getting off with you. If you become aware of someone following you, go to the nearest house and ask for help.
  • At night, get off a bus or taxi in a well-lit area and avoid all dark streets on the way to your destination.

“It is your room, but it is not like your room at home.” You must always be aware of the fact that large numbers of people have access to the residences. Rooms that are left unlocked or keys hidden away in a ‘safe’ place, such as beneath a rock or doormat, attract thieves. The following safety measures must be implemented:

  • Wear your valid MSU ID card around your neck at all times when on campus.
  • When you go out, make sure that all your windows are closed and doors locked.
  • Always lock your room when leaving it even if you are just going to the toilet.
  • Keep your room key in a safe place.
  • Lock valuables away in your cupboards.
  • Mark your valuables and keep the serial numbers in a safe place for identification purposes. 
  • In the case of gadgets, such as cell phones and computers, give the serial number to the MSU Security Office.
  • Report irregularities to residence administration immediately.
  • Report suspicious people or incidents to the residence or campus security officer on duty.
  • Do not lend your student ID card to anyone.
  • Do not allow strangers into the residence rooms.
  • Be aware of unknown people and anyone loitering in the residences, and immediately notify residence or campus security should you notice any suspicious strangers.


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