You have accomplished a great feat! You have earned yourselves life-changing academic qualifications and, in the process, grown into valuable assets for your various families, communities and nations. Even more importantly, you have matured emotionally, socially and physically. This makes you holistically developed citizens of the world, ready to play leading roles in your countries of origin. Indeed, the doors of Africa as a whole as well as the entire planet will now be held wide open for you because of your newly-acquired qualifications.

Go therefore and sow the seeds of peace, prosperity and unity in your own country as well as our entire AFRICA!

On behalf of the Midlands State University, your Alma Mater, I now invite you to be Friends and Ambassadors of MSU for life by becoming active members of its Alumni Community. Our Alumni network, represented in every region of our continent, is an incredible launch-pad for your careers.

Remember therefore the past, live in the present and look forward to the future.

Congratulations, once again, for your Graduation! The International Relations Office and I wish you every success in your life.

Professor Andrew Tichaenzana Manyawu
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Executive Dean

International Relations Office

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