MSU Holds Historic English Bridging Course Graduation Ceremony For International Students

Midlands State University (MSU) recently held its historic International Students English Bridging Course Graduation Ceremony on the 6th of February 2024, at the Village Lodge in Gweru.

Seven students; four females and three males, from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) graduated with certificates of completion.

The English Bridging course covers English as a Foreign Language and English for Academic Purposes.

This six-month-long course is tailor-made for international students from non-English-speaking countries to help them find a firm footing as they commence their studies in various academic disciplines.

Faculty of Arts and Humanities offers the program under the Communication Skills Centre.

Presiding over the event, Acting Vice Chancellor Professor G. Mugumbate said MSU has since intensified the recruitment of international students.

Professor Mugumbate commended the excellent collaborative relationship between various faculties and the International and Alumni Relations Office (IARO) for working towards ensuring that international students are well catered for.

“As Midlands State University, we take a holistic approach in meeting the needs of our key stakeholders – our students – which makes our institution the University of First Choice,” she said.

On behalf of the graduates, two students, Maloba Falonne, pursuing a Masters’ Degree in Business Management and Mulubwa Esther Cola pursuing a Degree in Metallurgical Engineering presented their breath-taking testimonies. 

The students thanked the University for availing such an opportunity to international students.

The IARO implored other aspiring students the world over to join the, “University of First Choice for All”.

Among the graduates, was Buhendwa Mwandulo Jean Lebon Safari, a medical doctor in the DRC, who solely came to take up the English Bridging Course to improve communication in his medical profession, Mwenza Matunja, Nyembo Happyson, Kayinda Kashala Raisa and Muba Ilunga Yusuf.

While the SRC President’s statement emphasized the importance of not letting language barriers hinder prospective international students, it also highlighted the inclusive and supportive environment at MSU, assuring that individuals from non-English speaking countries are welcome.

Midlands State University is acclaimed for fostering a diverse, vibrant, and inclusive multicultural learning environment. 

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